Friday, February 19, 2016

Third Trimester Update (16 days left!)

I'm glad I was much more consistent with these updates than I was with Nellie's pregnancy. It's fun to look back and see the differences through out this pregnancy. I unintentionally managed to do one of these number updates for each trimester, and since the little guy is essentially due any day now, I figured it was time to do my last update. 

Number of weeks pregnant today: 37 weeks & 5 days
The number of years old I am:  24
Pounds the baby weighs:  6.5 lbs

Inches the baby is: 19-20inches
Times I got up to use the bathroom last night: 4
Times I thought about getting up to use the bathroom last night: 4
Days since we found out we were pregnant: Somewhere over 200 probably.

Weight gained so far: 27 lbs
Number of times in a day I think about at least one of the following: I think about ice cream on a daily basis now.
Number of days I have felt really sick: At this point, I am more tired than sick usually.
Number of pregnancy books I own: 1
Number of things I have 'pinned' on Pinterest relating to pregnancy/baby: Zero
Days I have been married to my baby daddy: 1,700 days I believe
Number of names that have been thrown around: a million. 
Number of names we have decided on: I think we're deciding between two, with plenty of backups on the off chance he looks like neither of the names we've chosen. We can't decide on a middle name though.

Till we find out the sex of our baby: 0! It's a boy!
Days until Baby Justet makes his/her debut!: 16 days. SO. CRAZY.

Aside from the numbers, baby boy has been MORE active in the third trimester than my other two so I'm a little worried he wont end up being my calm and mellow baby that I'm not so secretively hoping for. I also think that he is bigger than his sister was at this point. He is literally taking up my whole stomach and I can no longer eat like a normal human (I can take three bites of something and be full, only to be starving an hour later). It's that or maybe because I weigh less this pregnancy than with Nellie, my stomach is legit all baby (I gained 37lbs total with Nellie and so far I've gained 27lbs with her brother)? I don't know, but it is so weird to be able to feel him all over and know exactly where each body part of his is. I don't remember that being so obvious with Nellie.

As expected, I am beyond exhausted. Most of my midwives feel certain he is arriving before his due date since my contractions have been long, consistent, and painful, they just wont progress. My longest stretch thus far has been 8 hours, contractions every 3 minutes, lasting for a minute (I was 35 weeks then so it was probably a good thing they didn't progress). I ended up calling Jesse home from the his study session at the library just in case it was go time. Nothing I did would slow them down. Finally in desperation, because they hurt and I couldn't sleep, I took a hot shower and they stopped within 30 minutes of getting out. Anyway, I am really hope he does come early even if it is kind of giving me more anxiety. I figured I'd go late with Nellie just because most first time pregnancies do, but it's freaky knowing it could be any day. I have everyone's bags packed and ready to go just in case.

Nellie is excited for his arrival and everyday tells me that today is his birthday. I thought she'd feel more put out by having a brother (and I'm still expecting some resentment when he is actually here) but she talks about him on her own frequently and has been very positive every time she brings him up. The only thing I've noticed is an increase in wanting me over her dad and I'm not sure if it's because she is sensing the change about to take place or if it's because her dad is gone a lot and I'm the only one around most days.

Since I'm blogging about once a month now, I am assuming this will be my final post until he arrives! I can't wait to introduce you all to him here soon!

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