Wednesday, August 3, 2016

4 Month Arie Update

I don't have a lot of time but I know I need to write this post now or it'll never happen. Here are a few things that are new with our sweet, handsome Arie:

  • At his doctor appointment earlier in the week, he weighed 14lbs 13oz (27%) and is 23.1/4 in (0%). Basically he is really short and has only grown 3in (technically the hospital he was 19in but they didn't have his head all the way to the top). The pediatrician hasn't said anything about it so I guess it isn't something concerning. Because he's so short though his weight makes him seem chunkier than he probably really is.
  • Today he rolled from his back to stomach so he can officially roll both ways now!
  • He is a terrible sleeper most nights. We'll have a good week where he only wakes up once but lately he's been up 3-4 times. Dear Teething, I hate you.
  • He is still super smiley. Like all the time. I love it.
  • He loves everyone. He loves people and he loves attention! He wont discriminate.
  • His laugh is adorable and he's super ticklish.
  • When someone is talking to him unexpectedly he swivels, freezes, and then becomes animated and jumps. It's so fun to watch!
  • He get's fevers after every immunization and even thought he's more sleepy and cuddly, he is still smiley.
  • He has started to become a little more independent. I can now sneak away to get something done for like 10 minutes compared to when he'd only let me set him down for a minute. No joke.
  •  He has recently become very chatty. He goes from being entirely silent to talking a mile a minute! I've noticed he does it most if it's just him and I. When he's around others he rather listen.
  • He is still a momma's boy through and through. Wherever I'm at he's looking for me and occasionally cries for me if he feels he's gone too long not in my arms.
  • He loves to snuggle and sleep in our bed. Not that we do it often but sometimes in the exhaustion of night nursing we all fall asleep.
  • He is super sensitive to noises and can't sleep through them easily.
  • He will randomly stop nursing and stare at me until he gets my attention. When I look down at him, he'll then give me big smiles.
  • He loves to jump and wiggle! I'm a little worried he wont end up being a calm toddler like I hoped.
We love how happy he is and snugly. I really couldn't ask for more! We love you, Arie!