Saturday, August 10, 2013

Baby Update!

So I figured I'd write this post to let everyone know what's going on. So much as been happening and it's such a long story that it's been hard to let people know all the details. So if you're curious about baby's arrival and wanting to be in the loop this is for you:

TUESDAY:  At 3am I woke up to the worst pain EVER. It was so painful all I could do is lay in bed and sob. I couldn't move without this incredible pain shooting through my whole poor husband was totally at loss of what to do. Thankfully however, it passed after about 10-15 minutes and I managed to fall back to sleep after the shock wore off. I then woke up again at 8am with the same intense pain except this time it lasted what felt like forever. My husband called the midwife we tried to figure out what was going on and it seemed like whatever was happening wasn't normal. Because that's what every pregnant person wants to hear. Anyway, I was told to take a some Tylenol and take a warm bath. I did and the pain surprisingly went away. I called the midwife back and she was happy to hear it. I felt totally embarrassed because it seemed rather silly that all I needed to do was take medication and it didn't even cross my mind.

A half hour after that the pain came back. Luckily, not nearly as intense or painful as the previous pain but constant and painful. It was like getting stabbed all over my lower abdomen with these really painful shooting pains every couple minutes. I had talked to my sister-in-law and she thought maybe it was round ligament pain. I had experienced that before (which is the WORST) and they were similar to it so I thought maybe she was right. They were tolerable for the most part so I dealt with it but by 9pm that night I started wondering if this was normal. I called the midwife again and she asked questions and nothing was adding up. It was decided since the baby was still moving that I would be fine till morning but that she wanted me to schedule an appointment with the doctors.

WEDNESDAY: After pain all night and 2 hours of sleep I went in to my doctors appointment at 11:20am. They took my blood pressure and it was ridiculously high and asked on a scale to 1 to 10 my pain level. At that time it didn't hurt too too bad so I said 4 and then the nurse looked at me like I was crazy and said that my blood pressure said otherwise. They took a urine sample and found a trace of protein. After being questioned some more and being poked and prodded my midwife thought I might have a Urinary Track Infection. I was then checked out and was told the happiest news ever that I was in the beginning stages of labor! 1cm dilated and 80% effaced! My blood pressure was taken again to see if it had gone down and it had so I didn't need to be monitored. I was prescribed meds and was off on my merry way. Well, semi merry...I was still in a lot of pain but I was glad to finally know what was wrong with me. The pain continued as usual for the rest of the day and I hoped and prayed the meds would work fast!

THURSDAY: Lots of pain. Not a lot of sleep. Pain meds...not working. But oh well...nothing I can do.

FRIDAY: I needed to call the midwife to find out the results of labs for the UTI. The midwife tells me, SURPRISE, no UTI! Ugh! Then what the heck is wrong with me!? More questions. Still in pain? Yes. Lots of pain? Yes. Well....we don't know what's wrong with you. Only possible explanation...kidney stone. Yay. I'm told I need to come to the hospital right away. We get all our stuffed ready to go just in case it means I need to be induced and we call our moms to let them know what's going on. We arrive. The room is kind scary looking. We wait foreverrrrrrrrr. Finally someone comes in to see us. More questions. Lots and lots and lots of questions. But this time I'm okay with it because they hooked up monitors to my stomach and I could hear the rhythm of our baby's heart beat which was comforting. It was nice to know that at the very least we knew the baby was okay. They leave. Then the intern-midwife comes back and says, "How are you feeling?" I respond with, "Surprisingly I feel alright right now, probably the best I've felt in days." She gives me a funny look and say, "No, no, I mean, do you feel that? You're having contractions every 1 to 2 fact you just had a really strong one. Can you feel that?" My face was probably priceless. " Is that normal?" I didn't even know they were monitoring that...that they even could! Then the intern starts to basically tell me that no that's not normal. Oh that's great. I'm going to go into labor at home because apparently I can't tell the difference between  normal and contractions. I get checked out again...more progress! 2 cm dilated and 90% effaced! This really actually gave me mixed emotions. I was glad I had made more progress but I knew that meant that I probably wouldn't be staying to have my baby. Anyway, they leave to look at my lab results that I had to take again. We wait. We watch the monitor that shows my contractions and Jesse keeps pointing out how I'm having one right now and I tell him how I can't feel it. After a half hour a new midwife comes in. She lets us know they changed shifts so I would be her midwife now. She tells me they can't figure out what's wrong with me but that she thinks because the baby's head is very low that she's hitting nerves and that's causing shooting pains. As for the lower abdomen stabbing they're really not sure, maybe just from early labor. Then I am informed that I do have a trace of something (I can't remember what it was this time) in my urine and so I have a slight UTI or the start of one or something and to actually keep taking my meds but other than that baby and I are healthy.

So...there you have it. No one really is for sure what's going on with me. Hopefully I'm just a wimp and this is legit labor. All I know is 1) I still hurt a great deal. 2) I will probably give birth at home because I am unable to feel strong contractions. Okay, just kidding. The last midwife I saw did let me know what I will probably feel them when I am really really in labor. But now I am paranoid. 3) Penelope would make me extremely happy if she'd just decide to come out now.

In the meantime, when do you think this little one will come? And how big will she be (or small hopefully)? Post your guesses in the comment section!

Hopefully my next post will be about how much I am loving being a new mom!



  1. Ahh! That all sounds really scary Toni! But Kaelyn, Evan and I are all excited for little Penelope just as much as you are! I can wait to see my new neice, I'm sure she'll be pretty just like you sis! I'm going to guess that she might be around at the most 8lbs 5oz? Haha, what do I know though, I'm but a teen! XD ~With Love from your Little sister Noelle <3

  2. ok time to go running or mountain climbing or just maybe synchronized swimming with Jesse. or just whisper to get that the Steelers are playing tonight for the first game and she doesn't want to miss it.
    from uncle awesomeness

  3. I hope she born soon. I LOVE LITTLE KIDS. I want Penelope to have red hair and blue eyes. im so excited for her to born. i bet she will be beautiful and be small, haha love you. <3 i can't wait to hold my niece. Kaelyn :D <3 love you Jesse and Penelope.

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