Friday, January 8, 2016

31 Weeks Prego Update // New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year! This pregnancy has flied by and I'm pretty sure it's because having a toddler makes slowing down and enjoying the sweet moments near impossible (read: always on the go).

I've had several blog posts in the work but never manage to finish any of them so I'm thinking we might just have an extra long post today filled with a bunch of different ideas I was trying to write out.  First here is an update on this pregnancy and how different it has been since Penelope's:

  • I haven't had any swelling whatsoever (except bullet bellow). Granted, with PJ I may have only had swollen feet 2 or 3 times, but I remember my rings being too tight towards the end and having to kick off my shoes every once in a while. But then again I was also very pregnant in the summer so that probably had a little something to do with it.
  • I woke up last week and realized I have pregnancy lips! They have since toned down but haven't gone back to normal yet. I didn't even know it was a thing until a few weeks prior to that, but I legitimately had puffier lips! I liked my lips pre-pregnancy but man, I'd be totally willing to keep these things! They're so full and lush!
  • Little guy kicked more frequently than PJ in the beginning, but these past few weeks he's slowed down a bunch. Not to a concerning amount, but instead of kicking he likes to stretch or readjust. I remember it was about this time with PJ the alien arms and feet were sticking straight out of me, but baby boy is much more content keeping to himself. It reconfirms my hopes that this little guy will be a but more mellow and calmer than his sister.
  • I'm pretty certain little guy is taller than his sister already because I have these new, tiny stretch marks at the VERY top of my stomach. He also has stayed head down most of the pregnancy and when he stretches he puts his little arms at the bottom of my stomach and then pushes straight up (ugh, so painful!). It's so weird that I can feel him to the other end of my stomach. With PJ The highest I ever felt her kick, roll, or move was maybe an inch past my belly button, but this guy is the length of my whole stomach already! I'm already preparing for another big baby! 
  • Baby boy is very low and the last two midwives I saw think that he might come early instead of late like PJ. If the little guy could just come one week early, he'd be a leap year baby!
  • I have resigned myself to not being able to have ANY caffeine with this child. Which is good I guess since it's not really great for them but stinks for me because I am always so tired! My midwives suspected that I was iron deficient (especially since I can count on my hand how many times I've had meat these last 7 months) but I just got my glucose screening back and their excellent (ps. I passed my glucose too though I may never recover from the torture I endured giving blood and getting a giant shot in my butt). Anyway, if I have any caffiene, I am guaranteed to not sleep that night because our son goes nuts! I had a coke after a long day at 6pm thinking I'd be fine by 11pm. Little boy never stopped kicking, rolling, moving, for more than 5 seconds at a time and man was he rough! I tried everything to get him to go to sleep but he finally passed out at 4:30am on his own. Needless to say, I have never been more grateful to already have a child who sleep till 8-9am.

Then since it's the New Year and all, I thought I'd keep with my tradition and review how my new year resolutions went and my new ones this year.

1// Attend the temple monthly: ACCOMPLISHED

Okay, in all truthfulness I missed ONE month (Jesse didn't so fist bump for him!). I missed Decembers which is really annoying because I was thissss close to finally accomplishing a new year resolution and December is the one month I like to attend more than once since it Christmas season and what better way to spend the month by focusing on Christ? But regardless, I'm counting it because I had every intention of going until about 2 hours before it was time to go I intended up really sick (puking everywhere so it was probably a good thing). Anyway, it's something I hope my husband and I continue to do regardless of it being a resolution or not.

2// Eat better: MEH

We've made concerted efforts and then they drop off. Overall I think we've been much more mindful this past year than ever before so it's kind of a win but third trimester exhaustion, grad student husband, and a rambunctious toddler = easy meals 4 out of 7 days of the week. I was feeling pretty guilty about it the other day (that and how PJ is watching way more TV in result of my exhaustion. Ugh, mom guilt!) but another mom told me this season is all about survival. I'm still trying to accept that this is just how it'll be for another 8 weeks or so (and then some after baby) but it's hard guys!

3// Find a hobby: NOT ACCOMPLISHED

But I did sincerely make an effort to find one and I still haven't found it yet. I'm open for suggestions.


  • Come closer to Christ
  • Keep toddler and baby alive 
I felt both of these were reasonable for how crazy our life will be this year. I also really like the idea of having a broad goal and figuring out what specifically will help me feel like I'm working toward it.

Hands down, favorite picture of 2015!

I had a third part for this post I wanted to add but it'd require me to get up and Penelope's nap time is my designated lazy time. It's fun and so I'll save it for another time and give you all something to look forward to.

*Apologies for many typos I'm sure. Maybe I'll go back and fix them...or maybe not. ;)

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