Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Family Update

Hello world! Welcome to our new crazy! haha.

After much praying we officially decided that Jesse will start his MBA in January (you're probably all like, yeah we know, but technically we hadn't decided for sure until yesterday and we just had him going through the application process just in case.) Also, that is assuming he is accepted into the program but I'm not really worried about it. Jesse has the GMATs next week and then our fate rests with the MBA application Gods. I feel better about this decision knowing we prayed about it and it felt like the right step for our family, but a big part of me still feels like we're crazy. Completely, utterly, nuts. Because taking out a ridiculously giant loan, having a new baby and being home by myself for days at a time doesn't sound ridiculously overwhelming at all. And to think...we're actually choosing to do this to ourselves. I keep reminding myself that it will be worth it in the long run. Regardless, please start praying for my sanity. haha

In other news, I'll be starting my third trimester in FOUR days. This trimester went by MUCH faster than my first. I keep going back and forth with how fast I want the third trimester to go (because that wonderful energy filled second trimester never happened for me and I'm trying to figure out if I'll be more tired living through the final parts of pregnancy or having a new baby and a toddler.) My next appointment is the dreaded glucose test and RhoGam shot (dreaded because I hate needles with a passion of a million suns, not because of the drink. The drink is not as bad as everyone makes it seem). But aside from the hundreds of odd things my body has done this pregnancy, I am enjoying this little boy as much as possible. He kicks more frequently and stronger then his sister did and I love the quiet little moments I get when everyone is asleep and I get to bond with him. For some unexplainable reason, I feel confident that this little guy will be calm and mellow and I'm excited to see if this feeling is right.
25 weeks here.
As for Penelope, she is our wild, crazy, vivacious girl who adds a lot of humor and adventure into our daily lives. Because I forgot to write about it months ago, wee celebrated her second birthday back in August with some close friends and family in a backyard Minnie Mouse party. We kept it pretty simple, just some food, music, and a pinata which ended up being a big hit. It did help that our backyard has a decent sized playground but overall, it was a very mellow gathering of all the people Penelope loves.

She also had her two year check up in September and we found out she weighs 33lbs (85th % which is the lowest she's ever been) and 33in (55th%). All the nurses at her pediatric offices either are always super, super friendly, or they simply adore Penelope. Every time we come it's like a party. No one wants to leave because Penelope is doing something hilarious and the nurses want to wait around to see what she's going to do next. We also did our usual checkup survey and we almost finished the whole sheet back and front. It wasn't until later in the appointment we learned a lot of  the stuff we checked off that Penelope could do was stuff a 3 year old was supposed to be able to do. I know I'm always seeming braggy about all the stuff Penelope can do, but can you a blame a mom for being proud that her kid is bright? Parenting is hard stuff and it's nice to be reassured that your kid is doing fantastic when so often I feel like I'm failing and can be doing a lot better as a mom. At the very least, it's nice to know that I haven't entirely messed up her life. haha. Kids don't come with manuals and so all this parenting is basically a guessing game!

Here is an update on this little one and all she can do:

  • She can count to 14 on her own and count objects now. (For the record, we only taught her numbers up to 10. Where she learned the next four is beyond us.)
  • As of yesterday she cans sing the ABC's on her own if you start the tune for her.
  • She can write the letter "P".
  • Also the letters A-E she can tell me a word that starts with those letters but not the letters themselves.
  • She has an incredible memory and can recite word for word, without any help, almost all of her board books (so like 25 of them?) and because of this she thinks she can read. haha!
  • She also remembers words to so many different songs. Right now her favorites are Angels We Have Heard on High (Josh Groban & Brian McKnight) and it is HILARIOUS listening to her sing along with them.
  • If you ask her what her whole name is she'll tell you it's "Enelope Alayna Ustet!"
  • She also knows my name is Toni Lynn and daddy's is Jesse Alan.
  • She always is randomly saying things like "18 minutes ago"and "tiny soap" and we have no clue what she's talking about and where she learned these things.
  • She basically talks like a tiny adult. Everything is sentences now and very rarely do we have a hard time understanding what she's saying.
  • She never stops talking which is hilariously cute to watch.
  • She asks inquisitive questions. The other day I showed her a picture of what the baby looks like right now and she pointed to the umbilical cord and then looked at her belly button and asked where hers was.
  • She understands that baby brother is in my belly but she is also convinced that baby sister is in HER belly.
  • Has a slight obsession with Pocahontas.
  • She likes to point out the bad guys in books and movies. Then always adds at the end that "Daddy a good guy."
  • I've officially given up on her hair and accept that it will probably always be in a wild, crazy state. People ask me all the time why I don't do anything with it and it's simply because she always tears it out the moment it's done. 
  • She has the silliest personality and has the best facial expressions.
  • She loves to wear makeup. Whenever she sees me doing mine she asks for some "lippy stick."
  • She is starting to really enjoy coloring and somehow understands that coloring is only for paper even though I've only needed to tell her once (after she attempted to draw on our coffee table). I hope I didn't just jinx myself.
  • In fact she loves all arts and crafts and asks to make things daily with play-do, crayons, paint, and craft paper.
  • And she has great ideas. We made a paper Santa yesterday and she found scraps of papers that looked like arms and legs and asked if we could add it to the picture.
  • She loves people so much and occasionally throws herself on the floor and cries if she feels like she's gone too long not seeing certain friends or family members of her's. Lately she really misses her friend Isla (we missed our weekly play date this week) and our friend Conliegh.
  • She'd live outside if we let her and it's always a challenge to convince her to go back inside. She doesn't mind the cold at all!
  • She knows by heart all the popular primary songs and she likes to sing songs LOUD. I am already looking forward to her primary days, knowing she'll be that kid in the primary program basically screaming the songs.
  • I love that she still signs random things. The other day she was telling me she could see the stars and as she said it she signed it too. She doesn't sign very much anymore but she still asks to watch Signing Time often.
  • We are finally making headway with colors. It's the one concept she's struggled with for a while and now when I ask her what color something she get's it right 3/4 the times.
  • She has really good manners and is always thanking us (yesterday she thanked me for vacuuming so apparently it'd been too long since I'd done it last haha).
  • We officially started potty training about a month ago. She did amazing for the first few days and then started having accidents more and more each day. Really the problem is, is that we couldn't get her to tell us if she needed to go or not. (Potty training and being pregnant is exhausting by the way). We decided to wait a few more months and see if she can pick it up a little quicker the next time we tried, but much to our surprise a few days after we stopped, she started telling us when she needed to go! She still refuses to poop in the potty but can go almost all day not peeing in her diaper. 
  • Officially has a slight fear of the dark.
  • She throws really incredible tantrums that have me fearing for when she is a three-nager. 
  • Insists on doing everything on her own.
  • Is always telling ME to be careful.
  • Likes to bake and asks to make cookies every other day (what two year old doesn't though?).
  • She is really good at deducing thing (ex: I was making chocolate milk, she never saw me making it but saw me pull out a straw--because I always drink chocolate milk with a straw--and starting running around the house yelling chocolate milk. Haha!
  • We have been teaching her the technical terms for private parts (interesting fact--it's proven to reduce the chances of molestation which 1 in 3 girls will have happen to them by the time they're 6--sad we live in a world that we need to do this) and now when we're out and about she will tell people that her mom, dad, nana, papa, cousins, etc, all have the appropriate parts. Good thing people find it funny!
  • When she's hanging out with friends and we tell her it's time to go, she will literally run away from us. Also, the other day, Jesse was trying to stop her from touching these other people's stuff at the park and she pushed him away and said "No, you leave me alone!" which shouldn't be hilarious but it really kind of was. Haha!
  • Whenever she is hurt she insists on a band-aid.
  • She calls pandas, pandoras.
  • And she thinks Pandora is a person no matter how many time I explain that it is just a station that plays music.

Hopefully the next update comes sooner then 6 months from now. haha.

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