Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Prego Update in Numbers

Number of weeks pregnant today: 24 weeks & 2 days
The number of years old I am:  24
Pounds the baby weighs:  1 and a half

Inches the baby is: 12 inches
Times I got up to use the bathroom last night: 7
Times I thought about getting up to use the bathroom last night: 8
Days since we found out we were pregnant: 141 days

Weight gained so far: 13 pounds as of today!
Number of times in a day I think about at least one of the following: Hot chocolate. That's about all I crave right now (I haven't really craved a lot this pregnancy though).
Number of days I have felt really sick: a couple times every week
Number of pregnancy books I own: 1
Number of things I have 'pinned' on Pinterest relating to pregnancy/baby: 0 but a lot of searching... (mostly for fun gender neutral baby room ideas since Penelope is going to share a room with her brother and we're probably living in this apartment for 2 more years).
Days I have been married to my baby daddy: 1606
Number of names that have been thrown around: a million. 
Number of names we have decided on: 
Choosing between 10 names so far. Also, update: Since my last blog post--the one on needing help with names--we have added two names. One from my Grandma Allison and a variation of a name a friend suggested (Elias & Theo). We're still open to suggestions!
Till we find out the sex of our baby: 0! It's a boy!
Days until Baby Justet makes his/her debut! 110! So excited to meet this fella!

PS: On an entirely separate note, I dreamed baby boy had dark brown hair, blue eyes, and was patient, super smiley, and a very easy baby. I'm hoping that this is a premonition because man did it make me even more excited to meet him!

Also this picture. It is probably my favorite picture of Penelope still to this day. We've been day dreaming about how similar (and cute) our little man will look to his adorable sister!

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