Thursday, June 4, 2015

Everything You Want to Know About Our Future Family Part 2

So when Jesse was initially looking for a job last year, he was applying almost everywhere (even a few jobs out of the country). It was exciting to think we could end up in a place we've both never been. In fact, Jesse and I have always hoped to eventually to do just that one day. We almost had the opportunity to when Jesse had an interview with a job in Alliance, Nebraska and Madison, Wisconsin (he wasn't offered either of them though he made it past the first round on both of them) and it was really weird to try and imagine our lives in either of those places. Especially Nebraska. Google Alliance and you will see that it is literally the middle of nowhere (population 8,500).

Anyway, as the job search continued there were occasionally times where I said no way, not that state. And thus began the list that we affectionately call my "Living List." It started out with my top 5 states I want to live in and the top 2 states I absolutely refused to live in (because surprisingly out of 50 states, there is really only two that you'd have to pay me really well for me to even begin considering living there.) Eventually, it would get brought up in conversations with friends and family and now is a bit of a joke that people refer to. The other day I finally finished the list (because naturally, it expanded). In case you can't read my handwriting, I've copied the states below in order from best to worst under the picture with some brief explanations when I feel it's necessary. But before we get into the list, just so you can get an idea of what's important to me, here is my list of essentials in order for me to live permanently in a state:

1. Greenery. After living in Utah, it's the thing I think I appreciated the least when I lived in New Hampshire but miss the most. The smell, the privacy, the beauty. I practically jump for joy whenever Jesse takes us to the mountains here.
2. Ocean. Because it is truly, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful and scenic things God put on this earth and imagining my kids never going to the beach makes me sad.
3. Population. I remember this time as a teenager, I was in the car with my dad and I told him I wanted to live in NYC; I wanted to live around lots, and lots of people. He laughed and said that one day I would change my mind. Well, friends, that day has come. I hate having all these neighbors so close when I've grown up barely being able to see my neighbors through the thick forest of trees. I need privacy, and I need a little small town living!
*Bonus: Any place with cobblestone streets, houses from the 1700-1800s, and interesting history!

Without further adieu...
Embarrassing. Just ignore the fact that I clearly spelt Illinois wrong...

"The best states EVER"
1. Connecticut: I actually rather live in Rhode Island but I recently learned it is the second most crowded state and thought, if I can live on the eastern corner of Connecticut then I was still technically living my dream of a life in Rhode Island without actually dealing with the crowded part.
2. Rhode Island: Why Rhode Island? Because I've always felt it was quainter than Massachusetts and maybe even a less toristy while still living right on or near the beach in a beautiful New England state.
3. Oregon: Because it's the closest thing to New England on the West. And I love how tall trees are and how lush all the plants are. And their beautiful rocky ocean = heaven. And the rain!!! Oh how I miss it!
4. Washington
5. Delaware
"Not my 1st choice but I'm perfectly fine with these states"
6. New York: Upstate that is.
7. New Hampshire: But I rather live up north and not so much where I'm from.
8. Vermont
9. North Carolina
10. Maryland
11. South Carolina
12,. Virginia: Not near the cities or near D.C.
13. Massachusetts: If I could live in Plymouth it would absolutely be #1!
14. Pennsylvania
15. Hawaii: For the record, Hawaii would be in the top 5 if it weren't for how ridiculously expensive it is to live there.
16. Florida
17. Georgia
18. Ohio
19. Indiana
20. Michigan
"Meh. I could live there."
21. Kentucky: I actually really liked Kentucky when I drove through it but it's just too flat.
22. Iowa
23. Louisiana
24. Mississippi
25. Alabama
26. Illinois
27. Maine: Love the light houses and rocky beaches but still not a fan of how hill billy it is.
28. Colorado: We actually thought it was really pretty when we visited last year. It's mountain's are more green than Utah's but there isn't a lot to do there.
29. California: Please do not be mistaken. If I had to live in LA then it would be #50. I'm talking the very north with all the big redwood trees.
30. Tennessee
"I rather not..."
31. West Virginia
32. New Jersey: The accents! They drive me crazy! And I don't want to be associated with any place that credits The Jersey Shore...
33. Missouri
34. Kansas
35. Alaska
36. Texas
37. Oklahoma
38. Utah: I know, I know. Utah has some things I really love (like their mountains! They still take my breath away.) but their lack of lakes, and trees and beautiful green things, and everyone living on top of one another. It's just not for me.
39. Wisconsin
40. Idaho
"No thank you!"
41. Arkansas: Why would I want to live in the hot south with no ocean near by!?
42: Montana
43. Nevada: I have been there...and I've seen everything I think I'd ever need to see.
44. Minnesota
45. Nebraska: I drove through this state with my dad. I remember that it was the 7 longest hours of my life.
46: Wyoming: When Laramie is the biggest city...that's saying something.
47: South Dakota
48: North Dakota
"My absolute NEVER, EVER states"
49. Arizona
50. New Mexico: Let's see...both these states are hot as heck, a complete desert, and have scorpions. And New Mexico has nothing to do. Yep, no way is this ever happening.

So I think this fulfills part 2 of "Everything You Want to Know About Our Future Family" post that I unintentionally took 6 months to complete.

I'd promise more of a regular blog appearance but I've still got 22 hours left until I complete my internship (and my degree!) and a pretty busy summer schedule.

Until next time,

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