Friday, December 19, 2014

Everything You Want to Know About Our Future Family Part I

Why is it that once your first child hits one everyone is eager to know when the second child is coming? Seriously, in the last 5ish months we’ve been asked this question about a gazillion times! And the answer? Well, that’s between Jesse and I. We actually know when baby #2 will make its debut (roughly anyways.) It’s not that we don’t exactly want everyone to know our plans, it’s just that sometimes plans change and sometimes we’re not interested in hearing people’s opinions on when they think we should have a child. But I thought it might be fun to give you all vague answers to the questions we’ve been asked lately. That way, all that we want to share is out there and everyone can stop pestering us ;) (Really, the questions don’t bother me as much as I’m implying, I promise.)

This was a legit picture I took like 10 seconds after I found out we were pregnant with Penelope! Jesse was still at work, completely unaware, so I was between laughing and crying hysterically unsure how to comprehend everything lol.
One of the most surreal moments ever is seeing this! Ignore the ugly counter tile we had in our previous apartment.

How many children do we want?
We don’t know. I’m not even sure how people can make up their mind on this sort of thing. Sure we have an idea but we can’t say for sure what life will give us or if we’ll change our minds and what not. As of now we like the sound of 3 or 4 children. But really, we’re probably just going to take it day by day (or really, year by year.)

What is your ideal age gap?
Jesse and I both agree that two years is a perfect age gap. And if you’ve done the math…no, we’re not pregnant. While we think this is an ideal age gap, we both feel very certain that now is not the time. Not because we’re putting first worldly endeavors (though having more money and a house and that kind of stuff would be nice) but because we’ve prayed about it and the answer was not now. Again, we have an idea of when we’ll have another child, but it’ll depend on if our plans coincide with what God has in mind for us.

What is your ideal gender ratio?
I always thought I’d want a boy first. I also always thought I’d have 5 kids in which it’d go: boy, boy, boy, boy, girl. As I said above, not so sure we’ll ever have 5 kids, but this will never happen (obviously because our first child is a girl.) The only thing I never had was a big brother and so I always thought it’d be cute to have our first kid be able to be a big brother to his sibilings. However, right before we became pregnant I knew we were having a girl. I don’t really know how to explain it. It was more than a gut feeling. We just had no doubts that our baby was a girl. And since I knew we were having a girl (before it was confirmed by any technician) it made me want to have a girl. Weirdly, thinking about baby #2, I’m pretty certain it will be a girl. This time, not really in the same way, just some sort of weird gut feeling. Jesse has had a feeling his whole life that he’d only have girls (man, I hope he’s wrong! Not only can I not handle all that estrogen but we need to carry on the family last name! There’s only 3 of us in the whole family that can!) Honestly, I feel totally okay with our next baby being a girl. I thought I’d be pretty bummed if we had another girl right off the bat, but I think it’d be fun (and be a little less expensive too.) However, we would like our next child be a boy (c’mon you got to have one of each!)

But anyway, assuming we have 4 children, Jesse wants: girl, boy, girl, boy. I want girl, boy, boy, girl. We started with a girl, we’d love to end with a girl (which means if we only have 3 kids we both agree we’d like girl, boy, girl.

Do you have names you're considering or already picked out?
We already have a boy name picked out (however, this time around we won’t reveal till the birth day just because we found the name suggestions after we already picked Penelope’s name annoying.) As for a girl, we are fairly certain we have her first name picked, while her middle name is pending with many awesome variations. I promise, that once we are pregnant we will create a tease post in which you can all guess from our list.

Part of being short means pregnancy makes you look HUGE way sooner. 30 weeks and I was carrying it all in the front!
So there you have it. Everything you wanted or might not wanted to know about our family planning--I’m assuming you wanted to know I you actually chose to read this post. I think I about covered the million things we’ve been asked. If I missed something, let me know and I can give you some more vague answers. ;)

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