Friday, May 8, 2015


Today is a little bittersweet.

Jesse is leaving one great company to go to another great opportunity and place. Jesse has accepted a position at the University of Utah as the newest Benefits Representative/Coordinator!

Jesse got his bachelors here and within the next year is getting his MBA from too!

So how did this opportunity come about? Well, none other than....networking! I am always amazed at how small this world really is.

Our friend and neighbor needed a babysitter for her darling little girl, in which I offered. After our first babysitting session we realized we weren't Facebook friends (whaaaat!?) and she friended me. I was looking at her Facebook and realized she worked in human resource at the University of Utah. I messaged her and basically said something on the lines of "What the heck! How have we been friends this long and I not have known you worked in HR!? Jesse is in recruiting but has been looking for ways to get into HR!" in which we got in a long discussion about an opening that just opened up at her work. The next day, our friend went in and talked to her boss about Jesse and they wanted him to apply for the job. He interviewed on Tuesday and well, the rest is history!

Our hearts has feel so full. Just a year ago we were wondering how in the world we'd get the opportunities we needed and now, here we are with the position Jesse had dreamed of those few short years ago. Those hardships we faced in the past have certainly helped us to better appreciate these blessings and those who go out of their way to help us.

We are so excited for this next adventure!!!

PS. Thanks to our references for giving Jesse's new boss outstanding reviews! It sounds like it might of been the main deciding factor!


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