Tuesday, October 14, 2014


The newest member of the recruiting team at Progrexion!!!

Here's a crappy cell phone picture to capture his excitement! (He was more excited but I had to keep retaking it.)

Jesse started his first day today and yet, it doesn't still feel real yet!

But let me back track and take you to the beginning so you can fully understand (and appreciate) the whole story:

So as most of my blog followers know, Jesse graduated with his Organizational Communications bachelors degree the summer of 2013, with the desire to work in Human Resource. He was laid off from his college job right as he graduated so we saw it as a great opportunity to fully dedicate ourselves to getting him his first HR job. Except, we very quickly learned that it isn't an easy field to get into. At all. But we pushed forth in faith and hoped that somehow he'd convince someone to give him a shot.

The beginning of that shot happened back in June. We learned that most people who get into human resource start in recruiting (yet, another incredibly hard field to get into.) Most of Jesse's HR contacts stressed the importance of networking and so he still worked hard at that, the problem was most leads were coming to an end and all of the higher ups at his work place would never contact him back.

Except for this one day when someone from his work actually did. Jesse had emailed (I believe) the Director of Talent Acquisition a month prior, and while he didn't respond, he forwarded the email to the corporate recruiter who we will call "M." M and Jesse emailed back and forth for a month discussing all things recruiting and human resource (for those who don't know, while those fields are technically different, HR and recruiting work together a lot and many of their duties intertwine.) Eventually M wanted to meet Jesse face to face and he got the opportunity to adequately express his desire to enter into this field. We didn't know it then but M would uultimatelybe the reason for Jesse getting this job.

A month after their meeting, M called Jesse and told him that Progrexion was looking for a recruiting assistant and that she would like to interview him for the position (I should probably explain that Jesse worked for Creditrepair.com but is run by the bigger company, Progrexion.) This position would be for the entire company and would require him to work with the Idaho, Nevada, and Utah branches. It would only be screening calls and it would be temporary with a chance of being hired on full time but we didn't care. He went to the interview where M, another corporate recruiter, and the two out of state lead recruiters (who were there over the phone) each took turns asking him questions. Jesse came home beaming, saying that it was the best interview he had ever had. 

The following Monday, the second corporate recruiter called and offered Jesse an interview for the same position at Lexington Law (another company run by Progrexion.) Again, just screening calls, and was temporary, but still no complaints from us. He went to the interview, and it again went well. 

However, weeks later we learned that Jesse did not get offered the job from the second interview. And as for the first interview, the recruiters were still in a heated debate as to who should be offered the job. The Idaho and Nevada recruiters really wanted someone from their locations because they thought it would be easier, but M was still fighting hard for Jesse. After a month, M reached out to Jesse to let him know that this was still the situation and it didn't look like I'd be solved soon.

By this point, we were both not feeling very confident about a job offer. And we both decided that if he was not given this job opportunity it was time to stop persuing his dream of hr and recruiting. We were discussing Jesse going back to school to get a second bachelors (except we didn't know what; nothing felt right) and looking for a job that would support us better while we figured out the next step. We had come to terms with it. We were disappointed but we both felt it was time to move on if he wasn't offered the job. Last Thursday night we both knelt in prayer and told the Lord what were feeling and how we were ready to move on if it be his will. I felt peaceful. Scared at the uncertainty of what was next, but feeling like somehow it would all be okay.

The next day, right as Jesse walked in the door from work, M called Jesse telling him of a third position that had just opened. It was still a recruiting assistant position, but this would be in Jesse's building (the others were in Davis County) and was not a temporary position. Also, this job would come with more responsibilities. Jesse would be screening calls, giving the first initial interviews, scheduling interviews with the recruiters if he felt like they should move forward, and doing the new hire paper work. M asked if Jesse could head back immediately, since they wanted to do the interview right then. 

The person that held the position had been offered an HR job and needed to be in her new position in 5 days, so they were looking to hire fast. They had a few more people they needed to interview on Monday but then would make a decision before the end of the day. 

On Monday morning, M pulled Jesse into an office to let him know the recruiters liked him so much that they wanted to offer him the job, and forgo the other interviews. 

Me, phone less and computer less, hadn't a clue until Jesse came home from work and then proceeded to tell me that he wasn't offered the job and then threw in a nice, "just kidding!" (You best believe I slugged him hard on the shoulder!)

So here I am writing this post to say with a heart full of gratitude, thank you. Thank you to every single one of you who thought of us, and prayed for us. For those of you who cried with me when I was scared about the future, and to those who gave us hope when we felt like giving up. I really wasn't sure this day would ever come. And now it's here...what a blessing!

This has been such a hard experience for us but I can honestly say that I'm grateful for the opportunity it gave Jesse and I to grow closer. It taught me a lot about my Heavenly Father; how things work in His time and not my own. And I can say with certainty that never have I prayed more in my life then in this past year. There were a lot of times I wondered if He was even listening. Now that I'm able to look back and reflect on the whole thing, it is very obvious that He was. I am so incredibly happy that our prayers have been answered!

Again, we want to thank everyone that took this journey with us. We have felt so much love from you all!

And now that I've been able to share this happy news, I think it's time for me to go snuggle in bed with my love and enjoy the rest of my VERY happy birthday!


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