Saturday, October 4, 2014

Birthday Gift // Traditions

It has been a wonderful morning.

This morning I got to sleep in (Saturdays are my days, Sundays are Jesse's), woke up to my sweet husband making cinnamon rolls, and then snuggled on the couch with my two loves and watched General Conference, a meeting for Mormons that takes place twice a year in which we are given guidance from our leaders. 

It's a time that I look forward to every year. I always feel renewed and refreshed after conference. It is a time where I get to have my spiritual cup refilled. And this year it was even more important to me, as this year has been full of many trials. There is always a talk just for me that reminds me the Lord really is mindful of me and my struggles (so far it's been President Uchtdorf's.)

Another thing I really enjoy about General Conference weekend is the traditions we have formed. For April conference we make Caramel Pull-Aparts to enjoy as we watch our beloved leaders speak. And in October we make cinnamon rolls. It seems insignificant, but we hope that as our children grow older that it will be one more thing that they enjoy doing together as a family. And really, as with most traditions, it's the little things that count.

Also, every General Conference Saturday Jesse and I (and now Penelope) go to Leatherby's with Jesse's parents to enjoy some delicious ice cream and indulge in their fries (their fries sauce is to die for!)

It is just one more reason to love this season; it fills my heart with joy!

On another note, Jesse took me to see The Tenderloins (also known as the Impractical Jokers) for my birthday last night. Somehow we got dead center front row tickets at the same price as the farthest back row and it was AWESOME. My neck hurt by the end of the night from looking almost straight up, but being literally 2 feet from them was so worth it! There were a few times when they even sat right one the stage in front of us and once they directly spoke to Jesse and told him to pull out his phone. There was even a moment when Murray reached down to grab his jacket, which was the perfect moment for me to ask for a picture with him, but I chickened out. Also, I somehow forgot our camera which I seriously am still kicking myself in the butt for. They were just as amazing, if not more so, in person as on TV. It was, hands down, the very best birthday gift I've ever been given. I'd say that there is no way I could top that for Jesse but I think I already did when I took him skydiving a few months ago. ;)

If you've never heard of them you really need to check them out: Larry! & Fast Food Workers

And now for some really crappy cell phone pics:

Look at how close we are to that mic!

We were seriously in their spit zone!
Q, Mur, Joe, Sal.
Also for all your single ladies out there, Mur has an LDS singles account. (And no, he's not Mormon.) LOL

I hope you all have a wonderful (and maybe even uplifting) weekend!

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