Monday, October 20, 2014

23 Things You Might Not Know About Me!

Last week I turned 23! And in honor of my birthday, I thought it might be fun to share 23 really unimportant things about me:

1. Just because I’m Mormon doesn't mean I’m a republican! I actually consider myself an independent.
2. I must have been born in the wrong era because disco music is seriously my favorite.
3. I can’t dance but I love to dance so I dance anyway.
4. I am a major history buff. I especially love learning about the Civil War.
5. My secret long time actor crush is Adam Brody and I don't care what you think!
6. I was technically engaged before Jesse. It was stupid (embarrassingly so). It took me about 2 weeks to realize I was making the biggest mistake of my life! In fact, we told so few people I’m not even sure my parent knew (until now.) Hi Mom! Hi Dad!
7. I love the taste of meat but I have a hard time eating it without thinking about how I’m eating something that was once living.
8. The truth is I really don’t have any desire to have any pets. Ever.
9. We all have flaws...mine is that I don’t really mince words; I’m a straight forward to the point.
10. I love collecting spoons.
11. I am the most decisive person you’ll probably ever meet.
12. I am a super fast reader. I've never timed myself or anything but I've had a lot of people tell me so.
13. I hate driving (and Jesse loves to so it works perfectly.)
14. I am quite possibly a chocolate milk addict.
15. I like to draw house plans when I’m bored.
16. It’s easier to think when doing a Sudoku puzzle.
17. I hate popsicles. I don't like watching people eat them either. Just thinking about biting that wooden stick hurts my teeth.
18. Same with forks. Seriously, my mouth is killing me right now!
19. I don’t really like talking on the phone. I much rather have a text message or for someone to just come over in person.
20. I’m pretty certain I have a very mild form of obsession compulsive disorder when it comes to hot stoves.
21. I wash my hands randomly like every half hour (and yet, somehow I’m always sick.)
22. But maybe that’s because I really hate winter clothes. I love sweaters but I’m not a fan of hats, gloves, and winter jackets.
23. I had an infection in my left eye almost a year ago and I don’t think it ever healed properly. Now it’s super uncomfortable to wear contacts and I can’t open my left eye all the way (thankfully you can only notice if you stare at it forever.)

                  Bonus: I don't share dairy products. With anyone. Ever. (I mean seriously, who wants to have someone else's spit in their milk!?)

Did any of these surprise you?

Til (till?) next time,


  1. How can you hate Popsicle??? ;)

    1. How can you like popsicles? lol just kidding. It's really just the stick that bothers me. Though I suppose the cold hurts my teeth too...