Thursday, May 22, 2014

Penelope's 9th Month!

Nearly a week ago Penelope became 9 months! There are only 3 more months till I have a 1 year old. Crazy!

This list will be small this month. She hasn't learned a ton of new things but the things she's learned are major mile stones (to me anyway) and made me realize that she practically isn't a baby anymore (wahhh!)

So here it is:

  • Yesterday she had her 9 month doctors appointment. She weighs 21 lbs 4.5 oz, and her height is 27.5 in. Her weight is still the 90th % but her height is 44th %! She is finally growing!
  • She can sign mom and dad now. She signs dad quite a bit (he's gone a lot more than I am) but just signed mom for the first time yesterday. Jesse was walking down the hall to put her to bed and as I was saying good night, I love you, she signed mom and then I love you. Aww! Melted my heart!
  • She loves to pinch. And unfortunately she is really good at it.
  • She has mastered pulling herself onto her feet. The first time we learned this was when she woke up for the morning. I went into her bedroom and there she was standing up, holding onto her crib rail. Now she goes around the house finding anything to pull herself up with.
  • She finally has a food she dislikes: Zucchini. 
  • I can't remember if I mentioned this last month but she can flip the pages on her books. The problem is now she likes to flip them fast and I can't even finish reading the page.
  • She loves her new car seat. It's roomy and you can tell that she enjoys it much more than her infant car seat.
  • Penelope's favorite game is to climb over me. I just lay on the floor and she goes back and forth all over me. 
  • She is a pro at saying no. And even uses it in the right context.
  • She isn't afraid of men (as much) anymore! Uncles and grandpa have been able to hold her without her screaming. Yay!
Mid happy yell. Such a goof ball. :)



  1. She is beautiful!

    1. Thank you! I think she is too but I'm biased. ;)