Saturday, April 19, 2014

Someone Learned a New Word...

Every morning I take Penelope to the picture of Christ we have on our wall and tell her that He is Jesus. Not that telling her matters because ever since I can remember she has always been very excited when she sees His face.

Well today was no different. I took her over and after I told her who He was she actually said His name! She repeated back to me Jesus! It came out more like Heezus but I couldn't even believe she said it! I got her to say it a few more times to make sure I wasn't crazy.

How perfectly ironic (or not so ironic?) that she said it the day before Easter.

She knows who Jesus Christ is because she lived with Him only 8 months ago. Having Penelope has only strengthened my testimony that Christ lives and that He knows each and every one of us. I am so grateful for the special reminder she gave me today and for the opportunity to ponder Christ's life and resurrection before this Easter Sunday.

The picture of Christ we show Penelope every morning.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Christ.
I hope everyone has a very happy Easter this year! Don't forget what this day is about!


"He is risen, he is risen!
Tell it out with joyful voice:
he has burst his three days' prison;
let the whole wide earth rejoice:
death is conquered, man is free,
Christ has won the victory."

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