Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Maze Runner

This is seriously my new favorite book. You can’t even begin to understand my excitement when I found out it was a trilogy after reading the epilogue. I’ve passed by this book a gazillion times, always considering reading it since it has such high reviews but the synopsis in the inside of the book always made me reconsider. After reading the book I now understand why the synopsis is…lacking. It’s hard to give a detailed description when the majority of what you learn is discovered as you read. Therefore, I will do my best to tell you what this book is about without giving anything significant away:

Thomas wakes up in a box and has no clue as to where he is or even who he is. His memory has been wiped cleaned and all he knows for certain is his first name. When the box is open he discovers he that he is in an unknown place with 40 other boys who also have no clue about who they are and why they are there. All they know for certain is that they are in the middle of a maze and are desperately trying to escape. Because not only is day after day the same without answers, there are also dark, horrible creatures that lurk the maze at night, waiting to kill anyone brave (or stupid) enough to go in the maze. But nothing stays the same for long…because once a girl comes (which has never happened) everything changes…

And that is all I can give you. Because if I give you any more the book will not be as exciting to read.

So why is this book amazing?
  • Because the story is unlike anything I’ve ever read. It’s a dystopian theme for sure but that’s not the central theme to the first book (though I can basically assume the second and third book are.) It’s almost like a story inside a bigger story.
  • It’s intriguing. They give you just enough information to have you reaching for more.
  • The book moves fast, and has no dragging moments.
  • Almost every chapter ends in a way where you’re like, “just one more chapter before bed…”
  • It’s scary! I woke my husband up two nights in a row because it gave me the heebeie jeebies!
  •  But no worries, not too scary. Though I still probably wouldn’t recommend to any children under the age of 15.
  • It’s a total dude book but something a girl can appreciate. That being said, there is no love story like Twilight, Divergent, or the Hunger Games. There is a slight possible love story for later in the books but it is not central to the theme and is not over the top, make you throw up your lunch, kind of lovey-crap.
  • People die. And if you’re kind of a freak like me and actually like deaths in books then this is for you!
  • It’s a little graphic in concern to the deaths but not over the top. Basically all themes in this book are pretty moderate. I never felt like it was way too much or not enough.
  • The characters are really well-developed. Especially the main character, Thomas. 
  • You may start to think you know what’s going to happen at the end. And you will probably only be partially right.
  • The epilogue will make your mouth drop.

There is no cons list because this book is completely perfect.

Basically if you like the Hunger Games this will be a good book for you. And if you didn’t like the Hunger Games, no worries, this book is for you too!

 Also, if you don’t like to read (L) you can still enjoy the concept of the story because it hits theaters on September 19th, 2014!

Please excuse my lame synopsis. I promise it's better than I make it sound! Now go out and read it! And tell me what you think when you’re finished ;)

Have you read the Maze Runner?
*Please tell me it’s your favorite book ever.*


  1. I love this book but Hunger Games will always be my favorite. I hope they do justice to the movie.

    1. The Hunger Games is definitely in my top 10 favorite books. I don't know...there is just something really awesome about the Maze Runner that made it beat out all the others in my opinion. I hope that the Maze Runner movie turns out god too! I hate when they ruin movies (ie. Twilight, Enders Game.)