Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Our 7 Month Old Baby

My super cute jogging partner!

I seriously I am so far behind and need to catch up. Since I last wrote I've read 3 books and don't even get me started on that one post I promised would happen later in the week...

When was the last time I did a Penelope update? I’m thinking like her 3, maybe 4 month mark?

Well, let’s recap these last few months:

  • Penelope got her first tooth teeth roughly a month or more ago. She had both bottom ones come in at the same time which explained her chronic crankiness.

  • She can easily sit up all on her own. She’s been able to do this for months, making it a whole lot easier to play games together.

  • If you say, “dance, dance” she will start to dance. It is seriously the cutest thing ever. I have the most adorable video of it but getting anything off our camera is like an hour event and so I’ll have to save sharing it for another time.

  • She won’t always, but often she will wave hello to someone. She hasn’t figured out waving goodbye yet.

  • She basically understand anything I sign to her (unless it’s totally new) which makes talking to her a lot of fun. Seeing her face light up at the sign bath or book is seriously such an adorable sight.

  • She loves playing peek-a-boo but it only works if you just say boo. She recently has gotten into taking the blanket off her own face which is so hilarious to watch.

  • She also loves going down the slide with mommy and daddy and swinging at the park.

  • She’s had this thing for a few months where she doesn’t like men (other than Jesse). She won’t let them hold her and certain men make her cry on sight (Grandpa Justet and Uncle Jake.) Last month she was pretty hesitant towards strangers holding her too but it seems like she’s slowly growing out of that faze (thank heavens!)

  • But she loves people. It’s like she knows they’re calling her cute because she just gives everyone giant smiles when they talk to her. The other day while we were at the grocery store a lady approached us and told us (my husband and I) we “make cute babies.” On-cue Penelope did this adorable giggle and melted everyone’s heart that was standing near. Seriously. Everyone stopped and basically gathered around her to admire her adorableness. And she just basked in the attention, smiling and laughing at everyone.

  • She likes to growl when angry with something or someone (aka me.)

  • She is an incredible eater! I haven’t given her a single food that she doesn’t like. She definitely has ones she prefers over others but she never spits out anything (and she’s had a very wide range of foods.)

  • She loves being thrown by her daddy. She will just lock eyes with me the whole time and laugh and laugh.

  • Penelope likes to do this new thing where she’ll wake up and be totally silent in bed. I’ll go in her room to check on her and find her playing quietly with her piglet doll.

  • She rolls EVERYWHERE. I finally broke down today and put her in her pack-and-play because she gets into everything. And it’s like she knows she’s not supposed to too! Today, she reached out for a cord and I looked right at her and said, “Penelope, no no.” She paused to look at me, gave me a cheeky smile and then yanked on the cord anyway.

  • She loves to play with her tongue and she can twist it which her daddy is super jealous of.

  • She has attachments to stuffed animals and but really loves one in particular. She sleeps better when she has her Piglet doll next to her and if you give him to her after an extended period of time being away from him she will kiss  suck on his nose.

  • She gets really angry if I leave the room. She will start out crying but if I do it too many times in a short period she then starts to yell at me.

  • She is afraid of the vacuum which I think is my fault because I, for some reason, thought she’d think it was funny that it can suck up her clothes…wrong.

  • And then there is also the blender. The only time she’s okay with the blender is if she is being held and can see it. So she's basically hated me these last few days as I've been stocking up her baby food.

  • She LOVES babies. She is always smiling and talking to them and trying to touch them.

  • And lastly, she can stand on her own while holding something big (like the couch.) Yesterday she surprised me by pulling herself up into a stand! She fell quickly but it was still impressive.

So I think we’re back on track now. Kind of.

I'm *hoping* I will have another post on Friday with some very exciting news...

Check back soon! :)

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  1. I HATE waiting for announcements! I'm putting money that you're prego in the ego again!