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A Little About Us!

A Little About Us!

So we've seen some of our married friends do surveys together and we (mostly me, Toni) thought it was super cute! it is!

Oh, and PS: I realized that we are the worst bloggers ever and have failed at being good at posting basically anything. However, I am too lazy to update everyone on our current life. Maybe we'll do that in our next post.

In The Beginning….

First time we saw each other:

Toni: The first time I remember seeing him was when he gave a talk at our singles ward. He was giving a talk about his mission and I remember thinking, "He served a mission in Australia!? That's wicked cool!" And he was super cute! I was hopeful that he was staying in our ward.
Jesse :The first time I remember seeing Toni, I was walking down the hall in our singles ward and everyone was telling her how cute her new highlights looked in her hair, so I turned and looked and went, "Hm! Maybe this singles ward thing won't be so bad after all! She's pretty cute!" And if I wasn't such a wimp, I would have told her. 
Where we met:
Toni: The singles ward. It was at an after church mingle.
Jesse: And she was running around with a....what did you have on your head? A scarf? Rapped around like a middle eastern person? Pink if I remember correctly.
Toni: That's not embarrassing...
Jesse: It was super hilarious. You're awesome.

First Date…

Both: December 5th, 2010.

Both: The First Presidency Christmas Devotional.

Who asked who:

Toni: Technically, he asked me.
Jesse: She won a date with me.
Toni: But you really wanted me to win the date sooo I didn't really win it :)
Jesse: Yes, that's true...but you still had to win it.

Best part about the date:
Toni: I was flattered that he stayed out till like 10pm, on fast Sunday, and still hadn't had dinner. And he was so easy to talk to!
Jesse: Talking to her for an hour or more at the Christus.

Most nervous about:
Toni: Not having anything to talk about.
Jesse: Absolutely everything. Literally. Everything.

Who called whom first:

Toni: Me...? He was a wimp. :)
Jesse: Me...?  Not a wimp! Just shy. :) Okay...maybe a wimp.

First Kiss…

Toni: I don't know! I don't remember the day!
Jesse: You don't remember?? How can you not remember??
Toni: Well do you remember the day??
Jesse:...No... haha.
Both: January 2nd, 3rd, or 4th.


Both: The Gubler's front porch.

Who kissed whom first:

Toni: Probably me.
Jesse: What!? You don't remember the kiss!? I remember the kiss! I went in for the kiss!
Toni: I don't remember this. 
Jesse: Well I never said it was memorable, just that I went in for the kiss. You don't remember anything! 
Toni: I remember some things.. :)

I will always remember:
Toni: THAT YOU WERE HOT! See I remember some things :)
Jesse: Brown noser! You don't remember anything. :p

Saying the “L” word…
Who said it first:
Toni: Jesse!
Jesse: Yes, I guess you do remember somethings. 


Toni: I don't remember the exact date *Jesse laughs hysterically* BUT I remember where! And how! It was sometime after valentines day!
Jesse: February. Yep. That's all I have.


Toni: In the car. We were driving home from his sister Kristy's house. I hadn't felt good on the way home so I took a nap (She lives in Eagle Mountain so a bit of a drive) and he told me right when I woke up.
Jesse: You remembered it exactly right! :) It was in the Gubler's drive way. Left side. Next to their suburban. Neighbor to the left had their upstairs light on.
Toni: You are such a creeper! How do you remember that??
Jesse: Honey, it was an important night! You remember things when you're freaking out a bit!

Your reaction:

Toni: I was in shock. I don't think I said anything for a good couple minutes. And then when I did speak...I think I said thank you. Hahaha!
Jesse: Again, freaking out. She didn't speak for a couple minutes. All I kept thinking was, "Why did you say that? What were you thinking? I knew this was going to happen! It's over!" You know, stuff like that.
Toni: Hahahahhahahahahahahhahahahaha!

First Trip…

When was it:
Toni: I think it was the 2nd week in March. 2011.
Jesse: It was the 3rd week.
*Pull up calender* Still don't agree*

Where was it to:

Toni: Las Vegas!
Jesse: Specifically the little white church...just kidding! We went to visit friends and family.

Did you buy any souvenirs:

Toni: No?
Jesse: We tried to take our niece but they wouldn't let us!
Toni: Jesse...she wasn't born yet.
Jesse: Oh...just kidding. That was the second trip!
Toni: Actually it was the third.
Jesse: Whatever. Same place. :p

Have you been back together:

Toni: Yes, three times as you now know.
Jesse: Ditto.

Tokens of affection…

First gift you gave:
Toni: I gave him a handmade favorite scriptures booklet. 
Jesse: I gave her two Utah spoons because she likes to collect them.

When was the last time you bought/received flowers:

Toni: The last time I received flowers was mother's day!
Jesse: The last time I gave flowers was mother's day.

What did you do for Valentine’s Day:

Toni: I remember that it was romantic. And that I made him a card...and that he gave me flowers. Oh! And that I got him some Singapore coconut jam! And he made me a super cute love book. And that we cuddled. A lot. :)
Jesse: Ditto.

Feast on this…

First meal you cooked for each other:
Toni: I made him crepes! Or as I know them, egg pancakes.
Jesse: Probably Chicken and Rice casserole. I can't remember.

Foods you introduced to each other: 

Toni: Definitely vinegar. Mayo and sour cream. My mom's macaroni salad, dressing, and linquisa meal.
Jesse: Chicken and Rice casserole, miracle whip, grandma's corn flake potatoes, coconut jam, Tim Tams, and Vegemite. 

Where do you want to settle down:
Toni: I would looooooooooove to live in the south! Kentucky is where my heart is!
Jesse: I am happy living where ever our family is.
How many children would you like:
Toni: 4, 5, 6.
Jesse: Agree.
What job would you like to have:
Toni: Stay at home mom and then when our kids get older be a at home Paralegal.
Jesse: I don't have a specific job, just one that will allow Toni to be a stay at home mom.

What are your middle names:
Toni: Lynn
Jesse: Alan
How long have you been together:
Toni: Total? A year and a half. We've been married a year and three days. :)
Jesse: Yep! A happy year and a half!
Do you have any pets:
Toni: No. And unless we're going to get a walabee we never will.
Jesse: That's not true! We have Seymore and Kipp. Her pillow pets :)
Do you ave any pet names for each other:
Toni: I call him Bambino. 
Jesse: I call her Noodle.
Where is the furthest you have traveled together as a couple:
Both: New Hampshire!
Who has the worst temper:
Toni: Me.
Jesse: Yeah, you. Please don't hurt me! Just kidding!
Who does the cooking:
Toni: Both. It depends on who is more busy.
Jesse: Yep, both.
Who is more social:
Toni: Jesse.
Jesse: Me. But it depends on the situation.
Who is the neat-freak:
Toni: Me.
Jesse: Toni.
Who is more affectionate:
Toni: I would sayyyyy Jesse.
Jesse: Both. It depends on the moment.
Who is the most stubborn:
Toni: Me.
Jesse: Hands down, Toni.
Who hogs the bed:
Toni: Jesse!
Jesse: No! Toni!
Who wakes up earlier:
Toni: Jesse.
Jesse: Me for sure.

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