Saturday, October 27, 2012

I'm feeling all sentimental laying here in bed waiting for my hubby to wake up. I was looking through all our pictures, reminiscing of our earlier years (jeeze I'm making us sound like an old married couple!) and I thought I'd post some pictures of us! I have so many on our camera but we currently can't find our plug to upload them to the computer. I probably have some of these pictures on facebook but oh well.

Enjoy :)

I just love this picture of Jesse! He's got his cute cheesy smile on!

Looking through his mission pictures I found this! I believe these were pants of a member they knew.
This is little Ms. Tessa Allison Rodahl. My very favorite neice in the whole world (and only!) I'm thinking this is what Jesse and I's family will look like in the very near future. :)
 All right now some wedding pictures...

Aleisha, my made of honor. Love you girly!

And Justina, my brides maid. She's so stinkin' cute!

And here we are all together! I love the dresses my mother-in-law made for them!

 Some of my favorite professional pictures...

My absolute favorite picture EVER!

 And some silly pictures too...

I'm not sure what my mother-in-law is doing to Jesse but  it's pretty comical looking :)

Twin brothers. Need I say more?

Generation kiss!

He looks so good! And he's all mine ;)

I love how everyone looks in this picture! I was so happy my dad, step mom, and brother came. It meant the world to me!!!

Okay so this one just makes me laugh! As my sister -in-law is trying to fix my hair...and who else but Jake, is fixing his wife's hair.  Love you Chante' & Jake!

My hair looks like crap but I love the moment caught here!

Our wedding cake Chante' and Jake so kindly  made for us! Oh, and may I mention it's a rice crispy cake ;)

My super talented brother playing the music for the night. We originally had a CD of music playing in the background and my grampa-in-law (is that what you would call it?) suggested my brother play the piano! Best idea ever!

Throwing the bouquet. I totally should have practiced or something because it was the worst throw ever lol.

Xander wanted to join us in our couples dance.  Isn't he super cute?

Hehehe :) We so knew we were going to get each other.

Laughing afterwards :)

Well there you have it! Like I said, there are so many more on our camera I'd love to put up but until we find the cord....


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