Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Jesse and I had our first Halloween together!!!

We stayed home and celebrated by handing out candy to little kids and eating cheese and broccoli soup! It was yummy :) Not many children came. We probably got about 5 so....more candy for us! Later in the night we watched Hocus Pocus because Jesse was dieing to watch it. However, about 20 minutes in he fell asleep!

At LDSBC I was slightly disappointed with the lack of Halloween spirit. Those who did dress up looked wicked funny! In my LDS History class I sat next to a guy in a Sumo costume. I wore my Halloween socks, black flats, and a black t-shirt with an orange shirt underneath. Jesse had work so he didn't have enough time to dress up.

We also went over to Jesse's sister's house the other day and she made us Noodle Lasagna! WHICH IS AMAZING! And now Jesse and I are obsessed with it and crave it all the time...

In fact...that's what we're having for dinner tonight! :)

-Jesse & Toni

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