Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Yippie! We have a blog!

Hello world!

Jesse and I have decided to start a blog to let our family and friends know what's going on in our lives. Hopefully we'll be good at updating because neither of us are very consistent at writing in our journals.

I guess I will just give a super quick update on the last 4 months:

Jesse and I are married obviously. Loving every minute of it! It is so much fun being married to your best friend!

We live in downtown Salt Lake which is super convenient since I got to LDSBC and Jesse will be going to the U of U next semester. Basically now that all my generals are done I'm able to start my paralegal program. Jesse is still deciding between a Communications major or Business.

Our apartment is cute. It's a one bedroom but it is just enough space for us. We're thinking when our contract is up we might move more towards Taylorsville and hopefully find a basement apartment because you can get super good deals.

We also just got nephew last week! Unofficially his name is Jonah, which just so happens to be a name I love! :) He's got red hair and is super adorable!

Jesse and I just got callings (for those you aren't LDS, a job in the church.) We are...SUNBEAM TEACHERS! We love already teaching the little 4 year olds! And it's the calling I've always wanted so I am SUPER happy! They are quite the handful but I love how enthusiastic they are about everything. Jesse does amazing with the kids!

Hmm...what else...

I think that's about it for now!

We love you all!!!

Jesse & Toni Justet

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  1. Hey Toni! It will be so great to keep up with you, especially since you live so far away! I bet it's fun to teach the sunbeams - they're so adorable. :)
    I have a blog, too. If you click my name in your list of followers, you should get taken to it.