Sunday, August 2, 2015

Pregnant with Baby #2!

We're pregnant! Baby #2 is due to make his or her debut sometime around March 6th, 2016!

We are so excited! This isn't something I've talked to many people about but Jesse and I have been trying to expand our family since January so this little one's birthday feels a little ironic for us, especially if we go late like last time; he is truly our little lucky charm!

We found out on June 29th. As I did with every month, I anxiously got up at 7am (those who know me know I never wake up at that time out of free will) and took a pregnancy test. *It immediately showed up negative and I started to tear up as I did for the last few months. It has felt like a really hard and long journey. 7 months is hardly as long as it takes for some people but it was crushing for us none the less. My midwife had scheduled an appointment for me to meet with a fertility specialist for the next month and this kind of felt like our last shot before it felt more serious. I was thinking all this, and offering up a prayer, talking with my Heavenly Father about how disappointed I felt, asking when it would happen, and letting Him know that while this was hard and I felt sad, I understood that all things happen in His time. I got the impression to look at my test again, and much to my surprise, while very faint, there were two little pink lines. I was finally pregnant! 

The rest of the day felt surreal as it did the last time. I couldn't believe this was happening!

When Jesse got home we decided it would be fun to spend the rest of the day up in the mountains. I put the pregnancy test in the lunch box and kept it by my side so there was no chance of him accidentally seeing it before hand. When we finally got there and we got the picnic table situated and we were about to eat dinner when I told him Penelope had something in the lunch box she wanted to give him. Penelope decided to hang onto it but then Jesse took it from her and then was all surprised, probably thinking I was pulling a prank (we're a prank pulling household haha). I caught it on camera, something I wished I did with Penelope's and I love watching it over and over and seeing how shocked he was. I tried to upload the video on here but it's being difficult so maybe I'll share it on Facebook sometime.

"Every superhero needs a sidekick...mine arrives 03/2016!

This time has been a lot harder to hide. Bloating and showing earlier then ever before has made for some interesting new outfits. Everything feels uncomfortably tight and so I've been opting for some maternity pants and a normal loose shirt. This isn't my typical attire so I was worried people would figure it out just by looking at me. In addition, whenever I was invited somewhere I had to come up with creative excuses. If I said I was tired or sick they'd ask if I was pregnant (because that's what you get when you have a two year old). I started having lots of "headaches" which was kind of a great excuse because frankly, I was getting a lot of those anyway.

Aside from all that, I might me more excited this time around to be pregnant. I can't remember if this is how I felt with Nellie but I've seriously wanted to yell it at the top of my lungs the moment I knew. At first from excitement, but pretty quickly in addition to the bloating, showing, and not feeling great made me a little self conscious and I was ready for the world to know I hadn't been eating one too many ice cream sandwiches. 

We ended up announcing our pregnancy sooner than originally planned because we had a miscarriage scare a couple days before leaving for New Hampshire. We went to the doctors and found out that baby was 100% fine but that I slightly tore my placenta, probably from lifting Nellie a lot, and so I was advised to not do that so much but that I could go about rest my pregnancy normally. Some people were notified of what was going on and told other people and eventually it ended up being that half our family thought we'd miscarried and so we had to go around and tell people we were actually still pregnant (weirdest way to announce a pregnancy by the way). For that reason, we felt we should tell the rest of the family before it became something where someone told someone else thinking they already knew. We had already planned to announce our pregnancy to my family at Jesse and Penelope's combined New Hampshire birthday party, so after that, it just made sense to tell the Facebook world too.

As for this has been rough. I've been a lot more sick with this pregnancy than with Penelope's. I've thrown up way less but I've been way more nauseous. It is literally all day sickness and it's pretty debilitating and awful. I finally got a prescription for Zofran which works some days and not others which is weird and I'm not really sure why. Last pregnancy Vitamin B6 and Unisom worked really well but this time it did nothing for me. Everyone thinks this must mean it's a boy (also I'm carrying really low too). I hope they're right because this experience has really had me reconsidering how many children we'll have. Not to sound all negative and all--I'm really grateful this little one will be joining our family-- it's just really hard to be sick all the time.

In other news, I finished school (right before this blog post I sent in my final paper work, wahoo!). I think it'll feel more real once I actually see my diploma.

Also, we're in New Hampshire right now, which is something I didn't really announce before hand, but it's been really nice and relaxing and I seriously think all the fresh air has helped with the morning sickness. Maybe I'll just stay out here until the morning sickness goes away ;)  It's been a lot of fun and I'm sad we only have a week left. But more about those adventures another time.

*When I tested to see if I was pregnant with Penelope it immediately came up with two pink lines. That having been my experience, I never really thought you had to wait the whole two minutes to get a result. 

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