Thursday, January 1, 2015

Old Resolutions // New Resolutions

My favorite part of the New Year is being able to make and create goals. I am a very goal oriented, list making person and so I really enjoy being able to accomplish something and crossing it off. Let's recap on how I did with last year's resolutions:

2014 Resolutions:

Lose 13 pounds: Not accomplished

I am sad to say I did not lose those 13 pounds of pregnancy weight but I did lose 4 pounds and a quite a few inches. Jesse made me measure myself at the beginning of last year, and while I didn't really feel like I looked any different, I measured myself again yesterday and was pleasantly surprised! So yeah, do I wish I lost all my baby weight? Of course! But I will chose to be grateful for the little that I did.

Write in my journal once a week: Not accomplished

I was really good till about April and then I stopped...entirely. Oops. I am honestly suprised I lasted as long as I did though.

Keep a gratitude journal: Not accomplished

I was good with this till about May and then wrote here and there and then eventually fell off entirely by July. 

Read the Book of Mormon from beginning to Helaman: Not accomplished

We didn't make it to Helaman :( we only made it to the end of Jacob. However, I'm okay with this because we spent a lot of time studying topics and I learned a lot more than I ever thought I could!

Put myself out there more: Accomplished

Well, that was nearly embarrassing; I'm glad I at least accomplished one of my goals! I made a lot of new friends, gained a lot more confidence in myself, and learned how gratifying it can be to serve others. It's still uncomfortable to put myself out there but it's a heck of a lot easier now.

And here are some of my new resolutions...

2015 Resolutions:

Attend the temple monthly:

This is something Jesse and I didn't do enough last year. We were talking about it a few days ago and realized we only attended the temple 3 times last year.  What the heck were we doing with all our time? We justified it by saying we have a baby but there really is no excuse when you live 10 minutes down the road. So this year, we're making it a priority. In fact, we'll start the year off right by attending tomorrow night. I like this goal because I know it'll make our marriage stronger, our family happier, and give us the opportunity to have more peace in our lives.

Eat better:

This year there will be no goal of weight loss. I want to focus on being healthier and making healthier decisions because I know that's what will really make me feel better and more positive about my body image.

Find a hobby:

I enjoy doing a lot of things but I want to find that one thing I'm good at and enjoy doing all the time.


I know this year will be especially busy so I thought it might be easier to keep it simple-- and so I can actually remember my resolutions...

It was kind of hard to check back in and realize I didn't do so great but it also make me accountable and should help motivate me to do better. 

(Merry belated Christmas and a) Happy New Year!

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