Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Co Sleeping...More Like No Sleeping

Man, am I excited for life after the next few weeks! I will wrap up my two classes and enjoy a nice month long break before I start completing my last two classes (one online and hopefully an at home internship too.)

Also, I'm really enjoying the many perks that come with Jesse's new job which is getting Thanksgiving and the day after off, paid. He's been working so much lately we don't get to see him as often as we used to, so it'll be nice to have a four day weekend with him. It's awesome to have a real grown up job!

But I need to tell you a funny story about last night because we tried something new with Penelope and reconfirmed some of our ideas on sleeping with your children.

Yesterday, we took Penelope to her 15- month doctors appointment (26lbs & 30in!) where she got 4 shots. Usually shots have either a slightly drowsing affect or she is entirely normal so we didn't think much of it.
A picture of her looking all snugly on the couch.
We put her to bed at her usual 8pm time and expected her to immediately fall asleep. At 10:30pm she was still awake, giggling away at what seemed to be nothing (we don't use a flash light so it was pitch dark.) I went in her room and lightly patted her all while she continued to chitchat. 5 minutes after I left she finally fell asleep. Around 2am we heard her again, laughing and talking. We let it go on for a half hour when I finally decided to rock her. I turned on the hall way light and went in her room. She was standing up and happily yelled, "Mama!" I tried to rock her but all the while she was wiggling and laughing, so after 20ish minutes I gave up. I figured the only way we may get her to relax and finally sleep was to take her to bed with us. This would be interesting since we had never had her sleep in our bed with us before. All of us snuggled and it was peaceful and still...for about 5 minutes. All of a sudden her hyperness was released full force and it was really hard not to laugh all the while. Here's a few of the conversations that happened:

P: *knocking on our headboard* Daaaadaaaaaa.
J: *laughing* Yes?
P: *giggling*
J: *giggling louder*
Both: *laughing hysterically*
T: Jess, if you keep laughing then she'll keep laughing and we'll never sleep.
Both: *Laughing even more*
T: Do I need to separate you two?
Both; *silence...then both start to snicker and proceed to laugh hysterically again*

And another:

T: Owe!
J: Are you okay?
T: Yeah...she just poked me in the eye...
J: Oh okay...ouch!
T: What??
J: Penelope just punched me in the face!
P: *giggling*
All of us: *laughing hysterically*

So after about an hour of no one sleeping we decided to give the crib a go again. Within minutes she was out.

This morning I am crazy tired but honestly, the hilarious memories were so worth it. But I think I can speak for the two of us when I say that we won't be trying co sleeping again for a while...

PS: Here are some more pictures I never got around sharing from last month.

All hail the Pumpkin Queen!
Is she not the cutest thing ever??
This girl loves to pretend to drive cars (or tractors in this case.)

Hugging the pumpkin, awe.

Apparently she didn't want to be apart of our selfie.

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