Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Little Rant and Some Hopeful News

Wahoo! I've managed to write two posts in a row!

As promised here is a much needed update on Jesse & I!

We'll start with moi:

I am a month + into my fall semester and wishing so badly that it was my final one. But alas, it's not. I am sooooo incredibly trunky (mormon slang for ready to be done/not focusing as much as one should.) It takes every ounce of adultness (made up word) to make myself attend class. Both of my classes this semester are pretty crummy. My Paralegal Proc. I class (which is put on the Paralegal checklist towards the end) is a beginner class. Like super beginner. We've spent our class learning what a paralegal is and what kind of law you can get into. Not an exaggeration. I guess I should be grateful because it means an easy A but I'm seriously dying of boredom. As for my Bankruptcy Law class...well that's even worse. I only took the stupid class because I needed one more law elective and my choices were between Bankruptcy and Environmental Law. Yeah...it wasn't really a hard choice. But now I kind of wish I had taken the other class because besides hating bankruptcy law with a deeper passion than I could have ever imagined, I haven't learned a single thing. The textbook is terrible at explaining anything and my teacher legit spends the class just reading the textbook to us. So I just end up watching Youtube videos and hanging out on Facebook the whole time. Sometimes I feel bad about not even pretending to pay attention but I feel it's a fair trade off since our professor comes about 45 minutes late to class every class period (seriously, I'm not even kidding.) Plus, I don't think he likes me because any time I have any input (on the rare occasions I pay attention) I'm usually refuting something he said. He thinks filing for bankruptcy is something everyone should have the privilege to do some time in their life. And I'm over here like "well if person A sold their second house they wouldn't even need to file for bankruptcy. Or if person A didn't spend 300 a week on going out to eat then person A would be able to pay their mortgage." Curse my logical and fiscally responsible mind. End rant.

Anyway, school has somehow made me super behind on house work so now our house that is usually in very decent shape, always has a room that looks like a bomb went off in (if you're curious, this week that room is the bathroom.) And of course, these past few days I've had about a million unexpected visitors who probably think we live like pigs. But *sigh* such is life.

But on the bright side, I started doing P90x a week or so ago which is weirdly fun. I mean, don't get me wrong, I still curse Tony Horton's name just as I did with Jillian Michaels, but I think having multiple different workout videos makes it harder to get bored like I did with Jillian's 30 Day Shred. I've seen results with both of them so no complaints there, but I had a hard time staying consistent with the Shred video. Hopefully in the future, Jesse and I can buy P90x3 so we don't have to do hour long workouts. It is so much easier to dedicate 30 minutes over 60 but I keep reminding myself it's worth it!

As for Jesse, he has applied and interviewed for jobs as perusal but actually had a first AND second interview with TWO jobs. And for the record, Jesse said the first job was his best interview ever. So here's to hoping we hear back from them soon and they give us the happy news we've been hoping for! Extra prayers for us are always appreciated.

Jesse is also doing P90x with me and is seriously kicking my butt. We've kind of made it a competition for extra motivation to stick with it.

And not that this important or anything but for the first time ever Jesse watched the Disney movie RocketMan and laughed hysterically through the whole thing. Which really made me feel good because I talked it up so much. If you like cheesy and clean 90's movies I really recommend you check it out at your local library.

It was so hard to find! So here's a picture so you know what you're looking for.
Also, Jesse & I have managed to hold family home evening for 3 straight weeks in a row. Which is (pathetically) a record in our book. We're doing this fun thing where we are studying a specific topic for a month straight. For this month we chose adversity in hopes that it will give us a more positive attitude since things haven't really gone our way lately.

Not exactly the most exciting update, so I apologize for that. But maybe in the next week we'll really have some exciting news!

Have a good night!

What are some things you do for FHE?
Have you ever had a class you really hated?

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