Sunday, July 27, 2014

11 Months


I forgot to mention that tomorrow in mom language really means next week. Apologies to those who aren't parents.

So the skydiving was a success! Jesse couldn't stop talking about it (and still hasn't a week later.) I managed to convince him he was racing cars at the Miller Motorsports place. We drove past the field where skydivers were jumping and he casually mentioned how fun that looked. I of course, thought it would be fun to play it up so I told him I'd never, ever, let him do something so ridiculously dangerous. It was hilarious watching Jesse's dad smirking as I continued to get deeper into my lies. You can probably imagine how surprised he was when we ended up at the Erda airport anyway. I thought he might even cry. But alas, he didn't. It would have been pretty funny though.

It seriously looked like so much fun that even I'm considering doing it next year. Which is crazy because I am a scaredy cat and super afraid of heights. I'd probably cry the whole way to the place. And then cry the whole way going down. So I guess we'll see if I actually commit.

So as promised a little update on our darling little daughter who is less than 3 week away from turning 1!:

  • She can dance super good. Like super, super good. It's crazy!
  • She loves to say, "Wasdat?" as in what's that.
  • She points to everything
  • When she is confused or doesn't know the answer to something, she puts her palms up and shrugs.
  • She will shake her head no in response to not wanting to do something.
  • She gives high fives and knuckles like a pro
  • She has 6 darling teeth.
  • She will blow kisses when someone leaves.
  • She loves to tickle mom but refuses to tickle dad.
  • She loves to laugh randomly.
  • She can walk super well when I'm holding her hands. She can even walk when I only hold one hand too!
  • She loves being outside to the point that she'll ask over and over to go outside. She says, "Side! Side!"
  • If she wants you to follow her she'll pat her legs like, "come on let's go!"
  • She thinks it's fun to feed her parents.
  • She is obsessed with birds. We took her to the Tracy Aviary the other day and she loved it!
  • She loves her papa. When she sees a picture of him she practically yells it at the top of her lungs. Which is so hilarious because he was basically enemy number one until a month ago.
  • She likes to sing and sign the Itsy Bitsy Spider with us.
  • She basically understands everything we say to her. 
  • She is super advanced in the speaking department. She is constantly repeating back the words we say to her. And sometimes she even can put a few words together, like I love you (which comes out sounding like why-wu-wu), and night night (which comes out sound like nigh nigh.)
  • She is adjusting super well to weaning off her bottle. 
  • She absolutely loves hugging her stuff animals. 
  • And she also knows what they are. For easier purposes we named her stuffed animals by what they are, like elephant and giraffe, and now she knows which stuffed animals are which.
  • She doesn't like to sleep without her Piglet doll.
  • She is so funny! If I've been talking on the phone, she'll hold her hand by her ear and pretend to be talking on the phone too.
  • She also knows people and their names. If we ask her where mom is she'll point to me, dad she'll point to him, nana and papa she points to their picture on the fridge, and Xan (her cousin) she points to the door. If dad is at work she'll point to the door too.
  • But most impressive is when we ask where Penelope is and she'll point to herself.
  • When she wants more of something she'll point to it, like her water, or a toys.
  • She likes to say "woah!" and "mhmm!" and occasionally she'll say "yummmm"
  • She tries to give me zooberts all the time and it's hilarious!
  • She get's jealous if she sees Jesse and I kiss or cuddle.
  • She is constantly trying to lick my toes which is disgusting haha!
  • She can also sign really, really well. Just recently she has started signing please, and her favorite, cheese.
  • She can also stand on her own without holding anything for like 5 seconds sometimes which is so exciting!
  • She makes the best facial expressions ever and we love it.
  • She finally has enough hair that I can put it in a straight up pony tail like Bam Bam.
  • She can crawl faster than any baby I've ever seen in my life.
  • She is a super busy body and can't stay still for more than 10 seconds at a time.
  • Whenever I take a picture she closes her eyes either from the flash being too bright or just the way she chooses to smile now.
  • She finally gives us kisses!
  • Lasagna is seriously like eating a piece of heaven for her. She basically inhales it!

  • Prepare for super cute picture overload starting in 3, 2, 1...

    Why so serious?
    Hi, Mom!

    Surprise face!

    Baby Bottle Model.
    She loves playing with wooden spoons.
    Her sweet smile!
    Looking so grown up!
    I promise that isn't a booger, it's avocado!
    Crazy, ridiculously, blue eyes!
    Hilarious facial expression!
    She hates bows much to my dismay...
    My little Tom Boy
    So cute!
    With Dad, aw.
    She fell asleep right in my arms.
    Sleeping beauty.
    I just love this girl!
    Seriously, Mom? I'm trying to eat!

    I love her eye lashes!
    How can you not love that face!?
    Doing a dance while kneeling.
    Such a monkey!
    She refused to look up.  
    Doing the famous smile I was telling you about.
    Finally had to turn off the flash to get her to open her eyes. No flash and a basement apartment = red eyes.
    More famous smile.
    Being silly per usual.
    I love this tiny girl!
    Another great facial expression.
    Showing off her teeth and cheeky smile.

    Well, I guess it's time for me to get back to answering questions on eminent domain. Why did I chose law as my major again? Two more weeks till I actually sort of get a summer break. Until then...

    With love,

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