Thursday, January 2, 2014

5 Things That Probably Make Me Weird

All my chores are done for the day and my little baby is soundly sleeping away in her crib. Ahhh peace. Anyways, I thought it's been a while since I've written anything funny. Here ya go!:

1. I enjoy cleaning (my house.)

I knew if I didn’t add that last part there would be people enlisting me to clean their homes (hey, I wouldn’t mind if you’re going to pay me!) There is something very relaxing about cleaning. The more clean my home is the less stressed I feel. Now that I am a stay-at-home mom I have way more time to clean. I love the feeling of not worrying what people think of my home. And frankly, a clean home makes me just feel clean in general. Now I can admit, my house is not spotless and/or perfect at all times. I have a child (and a husband.) My first priority is and always will be to spend time playing and teaching my little girl. But nap times are completely reserved to taking care of the home and myself (shower, eating, etc.)

2. I sometimes cry at the end of a good book.

I’d like to blame my hormones but the truth is I’ve always been this way. Is it normal to connect to fake people in that way? I more recently finished the Divergence series (which is ahh-maaaa-zinggg!) and I just finally got over the ending. The week after reading the final book I walked around the house like a close friend died to me. I couldn’t listen to certain songs without becoming sad all over again. I even needed to read a fan-fiction ending in order to help me cope with it. Why, why did you do this to me Veronica Roth!? Anyways, I cried after finishing the Harry Potter series because I didn’t want it to end. And I cried at the end of the Hunger Games  series because Peeta will never be entirely the same. I even cried at the end of the Matched series because Xander didn’t end up with Cassia. Blah! Maybe I should just stop reading dystopia books.

3. I like to touch the stove when it’s hot.

My husband is constantly yelling at me for this for fear that it will one day land me in the hospital. It’s not like I stick my hand down on the stove and leave it there. How do I explain this? I touch it and then pull my hand back. And do it again and again. I have no idea where this behavior came from. Maybe I just like the adrenaline rush of knowing I could get burned? Whatever it is, I can’t help it.

4. I enjoy watching court sessions.

I can watch court sessions on TV all day long if someone would let me. And I’ll probably be that old weird lady who goes to the court and watches them live just for the fun of it. I love law. Anything, everything to do with watching justice happen before my eyes. I’m basically pretty certain if I never married and had children I would go to law school. Instead I’ve settled for becoming a paralegal (they do all the real work anyway ;).)

5. I love learning.

Let me expound on that. I like to learn…about things I care about. That goes to say that I will never, ever, care about anything to do with math. But I love history. That was my favorite subject in school. I even took a history 101 class in college just for the fun of it (who does that!?) I am constantly looking up things online whenever a question comes to mind. My mind is full of the most random information you could ever think of. I probably should put this to better use…

What are some things that make you weird? Am I the only one with some of these tendencies?

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