Thursday, May 2, 2013


Life is totally crazy right now for the both of us right now. Between crunch time with school ending and major assignments and test being due, Jesse applying for internships and full time jobs, and just getting ready for Nella's arival (14 more weeks!) it seems like we're both running around like chickens with our heads cut off.

Yesterday, through all the craziness, we forgot that our lease was about up and were reminded with a note attached to our door. We didn't think much of it; we just assumed they would allow us to re-up with a 8-9 month lease like they had previously offered us. However, when we went in to discuss this with them we were told it has to be a 12 month lease or none. Oh, and did I mention they needed the decision by today? We were already stressed out but now we needed to figure out in 24 hour if we are going to stay or go. And if we go, go where? Will we get a good deal? Should we just stay here and break our contract early? Won't that be expensive?? Or just stay? And keep our baby in our bedroom for almost a year? (Okay, so that's not the worst possible scenario but she'll be almost a year old by the time we could move and our room isn't THAT big!)

We had talked often about finding a basement apartment that was a reasonable price and a two bedroom and have looked frequently but we never had such luck. We knew older couples in our ward who had basement apartments but every time we inquired about them they were taken with no plans for the couple to leave. I had mentioned a couple months ago to my visiting teacher that we were interested in a basement apartment and she said she would pass that along to the Relief Society President but I figured she'd forget or the Relief Society President would forget (not that they're forgetful people, just that I realized the world doesn't revolve around me and people have other things on their mind.) We hadn't lost hope, we just realized we needed to be patience and hope everything worked out.

But if there was ever a time for something to work out now would be great.

I asked Jesse if he'd call the Relief Society President while I was in class and just see if by chance she knew of anything. We knew it was unlikely but it was worth a shot. He called and she told us that she didn't know of any but wait....there actually is one possibly! She had just gotten a phone call the other day from a sister in our ward who needed a new visiting teaching companion because her companion was moving. This sister happened to live in a basement apartment! She gave us the older couple's name and we gave them a call.

They were so surprised to hear from us since they hadn't told anyone yet that the couple was moving. In fact, the couple had just told them the other day. We told them of our predicament and they wanted to meet us asap. "9:30pm tonight work for you?" "Yep." It looks like we got ourselves a possible opportunity!

On our way to their house Jesse and I talked about how exciting it would be if this worked out but we knew that still the odds of it working out are slim. Would if be a reasonable price we can afford? Will it be two bedrooms? If not, is it worth moving? Will it be big enough for all 3 of us? Will the times the couple are moving out match with ours? When will this be available?

Interview time. They were so kind and easy going and they seemed to like us a lot too. It probably did help that their son just so happened to be living in NH ;) What did ya know!? That's where I'm from! They showed us the was perfect! Two bedroom and HUGE! It looked just like Jesse's grandparent's basement and he mentioned how it felt like home. Still close to my work. Still in the same ward. This is everything we need! But wait, what about the price?

"'ll cost $$$ a month, utilities included."

Jesse and I just smiled at each other. Including utilities!? That's less than what we're paying now!

"And they're moving out May 18th."

Our lease ends the end of May.

Needless to say, the deal has been closed. 

Now some of you may think this is just a coincident. And maybe it is. Sometimes things are. But for us...this was an incredible answer to many prayers. What are the chances that everything worked out so perfectly at moment we needed it to?! We feel so blessed!!!

And can I just say how many coincidental moments I've had in my life since I've been LDS? Too many. Like, this church has to be true too many.

I am so grateful to have a Heavenly Father who loves us and is aware of our needs. Who listens and answers prayers; who is constantly looking out for us. He is always reminding me that he loves me, loves us, and loves our little growing family.


And on a random note, I'm 26 weeks pregnant and looking totally cute.

Looking tired but happy.

Yeah, I so look pregnant!

That is all :)


  1. I really enjoyed this post! My husband and I want kids one day. Sometime in the next 5 to 6 years and im so nervouse about being a mom. Its nice to read about your experiences so u can feel more prepared lol

  2. Thanks Eva! I'm not sure if anyone is ever prepared for babies no matter how much preparing one does! But I agree, sharing experiences totally helps the nerves!