Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Kiddo Updates (I Need to Be Better!)

This was meant to be posted two months ago...oops!

I was thinking about how big Arie has already gotten in the two months he's been on this earth and started wondering what Penelope's stats were at this point. I headed over to my blog obvious and kept smiling as I read through dozens of my posts when she was a baby. The human mind can so easily forget and I couldn't get over how many of the wonderful memories we had that I had previously forgotten. I have always been terrible at keeping a diary but in a way of sorts, this blog has kind of become that, and I am so glad that I wrote down all of those precious times!

But instantly, I got really sad. Because I haven't been so great at writing down my wonderful times with Arie and I don't want to miss these moments either. So I've decided to try to be better at writing out his milestones and fun memories.

So here are some things/memories about Arie that I never want to forget:

  • Arie is such a smiley baby! And more recently he has become more content and happy. That first month was a little rough and it always seemed he was unhappy if he was awake or not eating at that moment. But month two his personality has really started to show. He is such a happy kid and my heart just wants to burst from all of his wonderfully adorable smiles.
  • He hates being put down. He wants to be held always and sleeps for longer periods of times when he falls asleep in our arms. If he feels himself being put down, he will start to instantly cry most times. Not going to lie, it gets a little frustrating after a while because eating and getting things done around the house are essential and it means that sometimes he needs to cry while I take care of those things. But it also makes me incessantly happy because it means he needs me and loves me and what is better than that? Penelope was often so content with whatever which was great but I never really felt like she needed ME and I think that was hard for me. Arie is so different in that way. He sometimes really just needs MOM. Sometimes he cries and cries until whoeever is holding him gives him to me and then he settles down. It feels so good to be needed!
  • He loves to nurse. He has just recently started to become a big comfort nurser and I can't stop help but let him because I can tell how much he feels he needs it. If it helps convey how much I love him then I am completely willing. He also loves to snuggle into me after and sleep.
  • He loves to cosleep and while I had a hard time with it Penelope (I worried I might lay on her or she'd fall off the bed) I don't mind it as much this time. I think I'll always prefer my babies being in their own beds but I honestly enjoy having at least one small nap session together and being able to sleep his cute sleeping face.
  • I think it's pretty obvious at this point from above statements but, he loves to cuddle.
  • He looks so much like me and my family that it's sometimes weird. I've gotten so used to our beautiful Penelope looking like Daddy that it's a little odd for me to have a child that actually looks like mine! His eyes continue to change colors in certain lights and it's undecided if what color they will end up. He also has so few hairs that it is hard to say with certainty if it's a light brown or if it'll be darker.
  • I love Arie's little voice! I can't describe it but he seriously has the most adorable little voice. When he coo's I can't help but smile! I hope I get it on video one of these days.
  • He has the loudest cry imaginable in the middle of the night. Like seriously. It's the only time I can honestly say he really annoys me. I know that's kind of mean but it is SO LOUD. He almost always wakes Penelope up. Were talking fire alarm level. I wish I was kidding.
  • His favorite human being is Penelope. When he hears her voice he always looks for her and he always reserves his best smiles for her. He also can't stop looking at her once she's in his sights. Even when she's hugging him or kissing him too hard he almost never complains.
  • He has the strongest legs imaginable! The other day he, Jesse pulled his arms to help him stand on Jesse's stomach but he basically did it all on his own! Plus getting footie pajamas on or off him when he doesn't want to is basically impossible with those stiff, strong legs.
  • He doesn't coo very much but he moves him mouth all the time as if he is trying to get out words.
  • He was circumscribed at 2 weeks and it was probably worse for me than for him. He kept bleeding and it was so scary! They cotorized it with a powder and it was mostly fine, but it looked so swollen down there. Later that night, during a diaper change he randomly started to bleed again and it was bleeding a TON (which was NOT good) we called his pediatrician and we almost had to go to the ER. I'm not sure I've ever been so scared in my life! I was a blubbering mess but Jesse stayed calm and after 15 minutes we got it under control again and didn't need to bring him in but I basically didn't sleep at all that night and monitored him like a hawk.
  • He is a very calm and mellow child, (thank heavens!).
  • He likes TV even though we don't let him watch TV. He tries the hardest he can to get in a position to see and when he can see it his eyes never leave it.
  • At his two month appointment he 

We just love our sweet boy! I was initally a little terrified of having a son but I am so grateful to be his mom. I can't imagine our lives being any sweeter!

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