Monday, February 23, 2015

Unintentional Potty Training

I never wanted to be one of those parents who forced our child to potty train before they were ready just so I didn't have to change diapers anymore or because I didn't want two kids in diapers, etc. So Jesse and I made the decision to let Penelope do things on her own time. Thankfully, we've been blessed with a very easy child in regards to quick development! Every time I start a daunting task Penelope picks it right up (like using a cup. We tried it two times and then she was a pro.) Potty training so far has been no different.

Since Penelope could walk (12 months), she's been accompanying me on my bathroom trips. I decided to take advantage of the limited privacy that will probably continue on for the next 5-10 years (I'm assuming future children will be like this as well) and taught her what to do.. So even though she wasn't actually going on the potty, she'd pretend to wipe, flush, and then we'd wash our hands together.

Last week we decided to see what she'd do when we put her on a toilet. We went to Target and bought one of those convertible toilets, set it up, and put her on it with no expectations. Instantly, she went! We thought it was a fluke...but the next 3 times in a row she went. It was so funny to watch her stand up and dance to the music that it makes once you go. We give her a potty treat (aka chocolate) whenever she goes and so far it's been a great incentive. Penelope has always been a child who reacts well to positive reinforcement so we also made sure to make it a super big deal by shouting and clapping with joy.

So far, Penelope has gone at least 3/4 of the times we put her on the potty, and has started asking either by saying potty, pee, or poop or just signing it. We never actually intended to be seriously potty training but now we figure why not keep the momentum going? So exciting!

Seriously though, who ever thought we'd be excited over poop?

We got messy making Daddy's Valentine's Day Card.
Also--on an entirely separate note, but for record keeping purposes, Penelope has gotten really good at speaking and comprehension. She says a lot of words very clearly and practically says a new word every day (my favorite right now is "thank you." She says it clear as day!) It's so cute watching her tell us stories and hear her actually say real words or read us books.

She is such a feisty and determined child and some days I am so exhausted by her personality but it fills my heart with joy watching her grow up and become a wonderful and happy little girl. I know one day those characteristics will be an incredible blessing when she'll be put in tough situations and has to make hard choices. And really, she's only acting exactly like her mom (oh boy)!

I feel so blessed being her mom and having the opportunity to care for her daily and watch her reach all these mile stones. Being a mom is hands down, the most fulfilling calling to have on this earth.

Happy Monday friends!

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