Thursday, June 19, 2014

10 Months Young

Three days ago our Sweet P hit her 10 month mark! She is getting so big that whenever people see me holding her they laugh. Seriously, I look ridiculous being only 5'1" holding a giant baby! Can you imagine what I'll look like holding her when she's 2, 3, or even 5?

Also, on a totally separate note, why the heck are strangers all of a sudden thinking I'm 16? Yes, I understand I am short, but do I really look like a teen mom? I've gotten asked how old I am like 10 times in the last month. All with these judgmental stares like I have a kid in high school. I'm going to be 23 in a couple months here people!

To prove my point, while Jesse and I were in Denver we went to see the Fault in Our Stars. The ticket lady asked if we were wanting an adult ticket and a student. I nearly laughed out loud. She must of thought Jesse was my dad or my older brother (I'm seriously hoping she thought he was my brother. He's only 3 years older than me.)  I politely told her we were celebrating our 3rd year of marriage. She was sooo embarrassed.

But anyway, I'm sure you all really want to read about Penelope, seeing as the title makes it kind of obvious that it's about her. Which is great because, as you know, I love talking about her.

She is such a great baby. She has the most vibrant personality. She is loud, smiley, and inquisitive. Always moving, always on the go. I can hardly keep up with her but I can't get enough of her!

Here's what's new:
  • She cuddles! Probably not as much as other babies but I've finally managed to get her to snuggle with me for like 5 minute increments through out the day. It makes me so happy!
  • She is finally able to really crawl. She's been army crawling since she was 6 months but now officially can crawl on her knees. She wont do it for super far distances or all the time but she is capable of it. 
  • She can walk, holding onto furniture, with ease.
  • And she can walk really well when we hold her arms. 
  • She is so smart! She can sign back almost anything you sign. Just today she signed Jesus, cracker, and apple when I asked her about each of them. The only thing she'll sign on her own is milk, mom, and dad but it's cool that she understands so much already.
  • She dances to to the slightest sound of music. Even if the music is on really soft, or even if it's just some music in a commercial, that girl loves to dance.
  • And she tries to sing! It is SO cute! 
  • She is trying to mimic our words and sometimes surprises us when she actually says a word. Here's an example from yesterday: Penelope has been sick for a little while so we asked our landlord to help give her a blessing. At the end of her blessing she said amen. Even our Landlord was like, "did she just say amen!?" It was crazy. Sometimes I think it has to be an accident but things like that happen all the time. So maybe we have a lot of coincident...or maybe our baby is a genius ;)
  • She is super cute when out in public (well really she's cute almost all the time, but you know what I'm saying.) She waves to everyone. Especially in parking lots. She seriously tries to wave to every single person. It is so hilarious. She even waves like she's a princess. I'm basically pretty certain she amuses everyone that comes in contact with her.
  • She likes to look at books on her own now. I keep trying to snap a picture but whenever she notices she closes the book like she's trying to be cheeky!
  • She understands the word no but purposely ignores me.
  • She is so stubborn. That's not really new but I swear it becomes more apparent each month as she gets older. Also, side note: Someone on Facebook was talking about how it seems each new generation is becoming more stubborn. They pointed out that maybe they needed to be in order to have the conviction to stand for what is right and good in the world; to make it easier to resist being peer pressured by the world. It has totally changed my perspective on Penelope's stubbornness. I don't remember who said it but thank you!
  • She is obsessed with taking the electrical outlet protectors off. 
  • She prefers finger food eating over being spoon fed to the point that she will refuse to eat until you let her do it herself.
  • She loves water. Like actually drinking water. She'd drink 10 sippy cups a day if I'd let her.
  • We also took her swimming for the first time the other week and she loved it so much she couldn't stop laughing.
  • She is so in love with her cousins. I think I've said this before but it's true. She has been sick for a week now but didn't even mind whenever the boys were around. 
  • She likes to point at everything.
  • She really enjoys looking at pictures on walls.
  • Her new thing is to stand in the bath, holding onto the sides and faucet.
  • She can get off the couch on her own most the time. Sometimes she tries to go down head first...
  • I haven't actually witnessed this but I was told by my mother-in-law that she can climb up the stairs.
  • She loves being suctioned up by the vacuum, which is ironic...because a few months ago it terrified her.
  • She likes to throw her food on the ground.
  • I can say with confidence that her favorite food is cheese.
Here are a few more photos of this cute girl:

Daddy & baby
Baby & mommy
Being cute like always.
Showing mom how she can stand all on her own
Always need to add a hilarious crying photo.
Get me out of this prison!
I have more pictures but I can't find my camera! So I'll get on finding that...


  1. This really shows me how ALL babies learn at different rates. Penelope sounds like such a smart girl! It must be so rewarding to see her and hear her speak to you.
    We started signing with Gavin about a month ago, so far he hasn't signed back to us, but you can tell he knows what more means because he screeches when we sign it as to say, uh yeah I want more food. Before Gavin was born I heard that if a child excels at one thing they usually have to try harder at another. I totally agree, and that's something I will most definitely pass on to my family and friends.

    1. That is so the truth! I have friends whose babies are the same age as Penelope and they're not crawling yet but can speak really well. Also, my sister-in-law interprets ASL for a living and signed basically everything to her 2 boys and neither of them signed anything until they were a year and a half. So it definitely depends on the child.
      That's great that you're signing with Gavin! That's right at the age they recommend it too. I started with Penelope from the moment she was born but it was more for me than for her. I didn't know any sign language so I wanted to get in all the practice I could. You'll be surprised by how quickly he'll pick it up. Once he figures out one sign it's like they figure them all out!