Friday, November 29, 2013


I've never been crazy about the nickname Penny, but Jesse and I always knew our first daughter would be named Penelope. I cringed at the thought that most people would naturally assume Penny was her nickname and so early on we started looking for an alternative. We looked online, in books, but nothing really seemed to stick. My wonderful visiting teacher ended up giving a suggestion that we instantly fell in love with: Nella. However, these past 3 months we've managed to add to the list of nicknames we call our vivacious little girl. Here are a few of them:

Nella-obviously as I've mentioned above
Nella Belle 
Nella Bella-rhymes
Nella Bella Bean-not really sure how this one came about
Nella Bella Beana-transformed from above
Nella Bean
Nel- people in our church ward love to call her this
Nelz- I started calling her this after people started calling her Nel
PJ- this actaully has 2 meanings
  1. Her initials.
  2. My Grandma Allison came up with this "Peanut Junior." My nickname all growing up was Peanut. So cute!
Peanut -Ever since my Grandma came up with the nickname I've just started calling her Peanut. Even though she's hardly a "peanut"...
Sweet P/Sweet Pea- Her name starts with a P. My step-dad actually came up with this one. I thought it was pretty creative. I've been calling her this a lot more often since his recent death.
Pip- Okay so I LOVE this nickname but Jesse doesn't really care for it. So I call her this when we're alone. Hehehe..
Penella- I usually calling her this when we're being silly
Little Love- Because she's little(ish) and I love her.

And we have some funny ones we like to call her:

Banner- as in Bruce Banner. Yes, the Hulk. Her cry goes from 0 to 100 in a split second. You can read about it in this post here.
Hulk- Mentioned above
Kraken- One time when she was just a few weeks old Jesse said to me, "Release the Kraken" Aka go get the crying baby. Ever since then it's been a running joke we use when she's upset.
Chica- I have no clue why I call her this.
Nut- Again I'm not sure where this came from. 
Squrimy- Because she squirms. A lot.
Penelopoop- Haha! Okay so we don't regularly call her this but she had an explosion on my lap while I was at my Dad's in New Hampshire. He called her Penelopoop and we just thought it'd be funny to add here.

My beautiful baby!

Have any suggestions for nicknames? Add them to the comment section!


  1. Nella is a nice name. I also like the name Nellie

    1. I like the name Nellie too. I couldn't sell the husband on it ;)

  2. I love the nickname Nella! So unique. Penelope is such a pretty name too.

  3. Why is there no Penny!?

    1. We've just never really cared for the name. I can only speak for myself but for me it: 1) Sounds like can old person's name. 2) My daughter is worth much more than a "penny." and 3) It seems if your name is Penelope and your nickname is Penny, rarely does anyone just call you Penelope. I find that we call Penelope her name and nickname probably about evenly. I don't know. Maybe I'm wierd haha. Miss you Katie!